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Shindoine (シンドイーネ?) is a general from the Byogens and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



Shindoine is a devilish girl who has lilac colored skin with purple hair, a pair of red horns, and a scorpion-like tail. Her attire is goth-like with a dark red coat, purple blouse and black mini skirt with black thigh high length boots.


Shindoine is eccentric and extremely loyal to King Byogen who she has a strong infatuation for. She has a short fuse, always throwing a temper whenever someone interrupts her.


  • King Byogen - Shindoine is very loyal to King Byogen and tries to pick a fight with Guaiwaru when he states that King Byogen was defeated by the original Pretty Cure and even refers to him as "Byogen-sama".
  • Guaiwaru - Shindoine can't stand Guiawaru because she regards him as annoying for always picking on her love for King Byogen. She tends to try inciting an argument with him whenever he mocks her.


"Shindoi" (しんどい?) means "to be tired" or "to be bothersome" in Kansai dialect.


Shindoine made her debut in episode 3, pleading to see the King, only to be mocked by Daruizen and Guaiwaru. She then targeted the water source of the Sawaizumi family inn which harmed the Water Element. After witnessing the birth of Cure Fontaine, she vowed to get revenge on Fontaine as she retreated. Later in episode 5, Shindoine summoned a Megabyogen by infecting the Bubble Element. She even briefly held Pegitan hostage before Hinata and Chiyu interfered by attempting to attack her.

In episode 9, Shindoine once again tried to prove herself after Guaiwaru scoffed at her attempt to impress King Byogen. After wandering into Yume Port, she thought humans lacked fashion sense and infected the Jewelry Element Spirit. She nearly beat Sparkle by guilt-tripping her but eventually lost after Grace and Fontaine arrived to help Sparkle.


Shindoine can create a Megabyogen by using a tiny spherical bat-like demon called a Nanobyogen from a blown kiss to possess an Element Spirit.



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