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Shindoine (シンドイーネ?) is a general from the Byogens and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



Shindoine is a devilish girl who has lilac colored skin with bright purple eyes, purple hair, a pair of red horns, and a scorpion-like tail. Her attire is goth-like with a dark red coat, purple blouse and black mini skirt with black thigh high length boots. She also wears makeup.

After absorbing the Mega Part into her body, her coat lengthens and turns dark crimson. She gains silver earrings and a gold tiara with a red gem in the middle that goes around her head and twists around her horns. Her eye makeup changes to dark teal and pale yellow with turquoise markings under her left eye.

In her final form, her outfit consists of a burgundy and gold armor dress, leg and arm armors, boots, and shoulder boards featuring a dark crimson collar. She also gains a dark crimson skirt with a gold stole belt featuring a red gem, a black layer underneath, and her tiara, tail and wings change their shapes slightly.


Shindoine is eccentric and extremely loyal to King Byogen who she has a strong infatuation for. She has a short fuse, always throwing a temper whenever someone interrupts her. However, she is blinded by her loyal infatuation for King Byogen which brings about her own downfall in the end.


  • King Byogen - Shindoine is very loyal to King Byogen and tries to pick a fight with Guaiwaru when he states that King Byogen was defeated by the original Pretty Cure and even refers to him as "Byogen-sama". She is considered his most loyal subject.
  • Guaiwaru - Shindoine can't stand Guiawaru because she regards him as annoying for always picking on her love for King Byogen. She tends to try inciting an argument with him whenever he mocks her. She also appears to be delighted when King Byogen absorbs him, and even mocks him for using the wrong word when he attacked the Pretty Cure.
  • Batetemoda - Shindoine hates Batetemoda since she considers him to be an irritating nuisance.
  • Cure Fontaine - Shindoine considers Fontaine as her rival, and takes her hatred for Fontaine rather personally.


"Shindoi" (しんどい?) means "to be tired" or "to be bothersome" in Kansai dialect.


Shindoine makes her debut in episode 3, pleading to see the King, only to be mocked by Daruizen and Guaiwaru. She then targets the water source of the Sawaizumi family inn which harms the Water Element. After witnessing the birth of Cure Fontaine, she vows to get revenge on Fontaine as she retreated. Later in episode 5, Shindoine summons a Megabyogen by infecting the Bubble Element. She even briefly holds Pegitan hostage before Hinata and Chiyu interfere by attempting to attack her.

In episode 9, Shindoine once again tries to prove herself after Guaiwaru scoffs at her attempt to impress King Byogen. After wandering into Yume Port, she thinks humans lacked fashion sense and infects the Jewelry Element Spirit. She nearly beats Sparkle by guilt-tripping her but eventually loses after Grace and Fontaine arrived to help Sparkle.

In episode 10, Shindoine decides to compete against Guaiwaru by summoning a powerful Megabyogen. Her Megabyogen is incredibly powerful and with Guaiwaru and Daruizen, the Cures are not able to fight against them. However, in the following episode, the Cures finally overpower her Megabyogen, and she spitefully retreats.

In episode 17, Shindoine mocks Fontaine for trying to protect a park after she infects the Rain Element Spirit that was residing in an abandoned rain boot. She takes her rivalry into account during this fight and keeps ordering the Megabyogen to infect the area just to challenge Fontaine. But in the end, she gets defeated after Grace and Sparkle support Fontaine.

In episode 22, Shindoine meets Earth for the first time after infecting a Water Element and powering it up with her Mega Part. However, she underestimates Earth and ends up getting defeated and scolded by Earth for being selfish. She vows to never forget Earth before retreating.

In episode 30, after being rejected by King Byogen, Shindoine becomes desperate to impress him. Not wanting to fall behind the two other generals, she inserts a Mega Part into her body, upgrading herself into a more powerful form. She then successfully infects Maruyama-sensei, who tries to protect his son Kouta. Later in episode 31, she reports to King Byogen and vows loyalty to him, and taunts the Cures for being overwhelmed by the Gigabyogen. However, she isn't prepared for their new finisher, and spitefully retreats after they defeat the Gigabyogen.

In episode 34, Shindoine grows even more desperate to impress King Byogen. She infects Takami Tsubasa, and a fight between her and Fontaine ensues. During the fight, she scoffs at Fontaine's respect for Tsubasa and claims that all rivals are irritating obstacles, but Fontaine strongly disagrees with her and she ends up getting defeated by the four Cures.

In episode 38, during the Cures' fight with her surfer Gigabyogen, Shindoine tries to discourage Fontaine by claiming only wholehearted devotion can accomplish a goal, particularly her infatuation with King Byogen. But Fontaine is not easily faltered by her claims, and manages to overcome her.

In episode 41, she pretends to assist Guaiwaru, but only to watch him get killed by King Byogen afterwards. She is delighted when King Byogen returns after he absorbs Guaiwaru.

In episode 43, Shindoine attempts to grab Latte, but Queen Teatinu appears right before she can do anything. She also tries to attack the girls while they were de-transformed, but Asumi uses her powers to teleport them all away. Shindoine eventually finds the Cures again and uses another Mega Part to evolve again, making her stronger than ever. However, Sparkle distracts her by telling her where King Byogen is, which angers Shindoine because she said his name wrong, giving the others enough time to weaken her before using Final! Healin' Good♥Shower to devolve her back to her base form. Then Grace, Fontaine, and Sparkle use Healing Oasis to purify Shindoine once and for all, with Earth absorbing her remaining power inside.


  • Megabyogen Creation
    • Like King Byogen and the other Byogen generals, Shindoine can create a Megabyogen by creating tiny spherical bat-like demons called Nanobyogen, which can possess Element Spirits. She can only create one Nanobyogen at a time, and does so by blowing a kiss. In episode 30, she upgrades herself using a Mega Part, allowing her to create Gigabyogen by possessing humans with the Nanobyogen.
    • Teleportation
      • Like all Byogen generals, Shindoine is able to teleport freely between the Byogen Kingdom and Earth.


  • She shares her voice actor with Kurumi Momoka from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.
  • In episode 8, it is revealed that she does fortune telling for herself to determine whether she can win the heart of King Byogen.
  • According to a cast interview from Animage, it is revealed that Nano Shindoine is still inside Asumi.


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