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Cure Sunshine's energy ball for Shining Fortissimo

Shining Fortissimo purifying a Desertrian

Shining Fortissimo (シャイニングフォルティシモ Shainingu Foruteshimo?) is a triple attack that Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, and Cure Sunshine use in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. It is the upgraded version of the Floral Power Fortissimo and it utilizes the trio's respective powers. It was first used in episode 31.


Cure Blossom and Cure Marine summon their Flower Tacts while Cure Sunshine summons her Shiny Tambourine. Cure Sunshine thumb rolls the sides of the tambourine and all three sunflower symbols light up before its gemstone center starts to shine. The tambourine surges with energy, and Cure Sunshine taps it four times before declaring the attack name. She then gathers several yellow, orange, and red energy flowers and forms a sun-like energy ball above her. Cure Blossom and Cure Marine spin the center of their flower tacts, and rainbow lights fly into the gemstone tip of the tact. The tips surge with energy, and the girls spin before linking the tacts together. Declaring the attack name, they draw ƒƒ with their tacts. Energy surrounds their bodies and they head towards the enemy, covered in their respective theme color. They come together and burst through the sun-like energy ball and both the Cure's bodies become golden before the three of them declare the attack name. They then burst through the enemy, imprinting a golden heart on the target's chest. The girls land behind the enemy with the victim's Heart Flower above them and yell "Heart Catch!". An explosion occurs, and the target is suspended in the air with the girls' respective flowers overlapping behind it. Cure Blossom and Cure Marine clap the center of the tacts to keep the center spinning while Cure Sunshine moves the tambourine in a circular motion, and in a flash of light, the enemy is purified.



Cure Sunshine: 集まれ、花のパワー!シャイニータンバリン!
Cure Sunshine: 花よ、舞い踊れ!
Cure Sunshine: プリキュア・ゴールド・フォルテバースト!

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: 集まれ、二つの花の力よ!
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: プリキュア・フローラルパワーフォルテッシモ!
Cure Sunshine: プリキュア・シャイニング・・・
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: ・・・フォルテッシモ!
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: ハートキャッチ!


Cure Sunshine: Atsumare, hana no pawā! Shainī Tanbarin!
Cure Sunshine: Hana yo, mai odore!
Cure Sunshine: Purikyua Gōrudo Forute Bāsuto!

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: Atsumare, futatsu no hana no chikara yo!
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: Purikyua Furōraru Pawā Forutesshimo!
Cure Sunshine: Purikyua Shainingu...
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: ... Forutesshimo!
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: Hātokyacchi!

Literal Translation

Cure Sunshine: Gather, power of flowers! Shiny Tambourine!
Cure Sunshine: Flowers, dance!
Cure Sunshine: Pretty Cure Gold Forte Burst!

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: Gather up, the power of two flowers!
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: Pretty Cure Floral Power Fortissimo!
Cure Sunshine: Pretty Cure Shining...
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: ... Fortissimo!
Cure Blossom & Cure Marine: Heart Catch!




Heartcatch Precure! New Finisher Shining Fortissimo

Shining Fortissimo