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Shiratori Yuriko (白鳥百合子?) is a minor character from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. She is the student council president of Aozora Middle School.



Yuriko has dark blue hair that reaches her shoulders and brown eyes. She is mostly seen wearing her school uniform. Unlike the other students, she wears a maroon bow.


As the student council president, Yuriko is very strict. She can also get very competitive when she is desperate to win. Despite her cold exterior, she does care for her peers.


  • Takizawa Asuka: Yuriko appears to have an unpleasant past with Asuka, which explains why they are cold towards one another. It is later revealed that she and Asuka used to be friends and double partners in the tennis club, until they seemed to have a fallout and stopped being friends as a result. However, she still secretly cares for Asuka to an extent.


Shiratori (白鳥?) means "swan"[1].

Yuriko (百合子?): Yuri (百合?) means "lily"[2], while Ko (?) means "child"[3].


Yuriko doesn't approve of Manatsu's club proposal but after Asuka tells her she isn't being fair, Yuriko gives Manatsu and her friends some time to find a club room. TRPC05 But she then again rejects Manatsu's club proposal two more times when she sees there is no solid theme for the club. She eventually allows the club to happen when former students of Aozora Middle School tell her the Tropical Club is fine just the way it is. TRPC06

When Asuka suspects Yuriko for allowing Kakuta Masami to target the Tropical Club, Yuriko clarifies that she and the student council have nothing to do with the Disciplinary Committee and explains that Masami only wants to make the school a better place, therefore she cannot accept Asuka's complaint. She also adds that she didn't expect Asuka to be passionate about club activities, which has an effect on Asuka. TRPC12

Yuriko is partaking in an interview of a televised programme, when suddenly the Tropical Club's banner flies into her and the broadcasting crew, causing them all to fall into the water. With that, she summons the Tropical Club into the Student Council room and tells them that she plans to suspend the club, when the host invites her and the Tropical Club to participate in his quiz show. She immediately accepts the offer as she is desperate to promote the school and preserve its reputation, and challenges Asuka to a duel. During the programme, both her council and the Tropical Club compete quite intensely with each other, with the Council being more dominant, until both she and Asuka press the buzzer. After the Cures purify the Zettai Yaraneeda, the teams check the recorded footage and it turns out Asuka was faster, meaning the Council loses, much to Yuriko's displeasure but she has to keep her promise. TRPC24

Due to her approaching graduation, she is ready to hand over her title as president. She later congratulates Ichijo Riko, who is the vice president of the council, for being her successor after the election is over. TRPC30

During the graduation trip of the ninth graders, Yuriko is suspicious of Asuka who keeps trying to hide something. Later, according to Asuka who shares her past with Laura, Yuriko used to be her friend from elementary school despite their different personalities, and they joined the tennis club as double partners. However, after Asuka got into a violent confrontation with their opposing team who tried to damage Yuriko's racket, Yuriko chose to negotiate and withdraw instead of thanking how Asuka helped her, with the rest of the tennis club supporting her, which resulted in their fallout. Yuriko later catches Laura having violated the rules, but decides that evacuating the other ninth graders with Laura and Asuka is more important, until she gets hurt by the shaking of the train. She recognizes Asuka as Flamingo, but afterwards choose to pretend that she was dreaming when things return to normal. TRPC31



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