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Shirogane-san (白金さん Shirogane-san?) is a minor character who appears in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. She is the head of the female dorms, and is a good friend of Mochizuki Yume.


Shirogane-san wears a green dress with an apron around her waist with a red ribbon on the neck and a red pin on the lapel. Her hair is gray and is worn in a low bun and she also wears small glasses. Her eyes are always closed.


Shirogane-san is a mysterious old lady who many students don't know much about. Despite having a serious aura, she is a kindhearted lady who silently protects the students living in the dorms.


Shirogane-san first appears in episode 10. She appears at the three girls for a few times mysteriously, and there are rumours about her floating around. She tells the girls about the cottage and herself as the current owner of the garden. She later gets trapped inside the cottage which is turned into a Zetsuborg by Close, but gets rescued by the Cures.


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