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School Excursion! Miyuki's Least Happy in Kyoto!? (修学旅行!みゆき、京都でどん底ハッピー!? Shūgaku Ryokō! Miyuki, Kyōto de Donzoko Happī!??) is the 13th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, the 12th episode of Glitter Force, and the 402nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. The English title is "Emily's Unlucky Day".


Miyuki's always-happy personality is pushed to its limits after a series of several unfortunate events befall her.


Everyone on the train

Finally, the much-awaited school excursion trip to Kansai was here. On the bullet train ride, Miyuki was extremely excited. Just as she was about to bring out her snacks to share with everyone, she discovered that Candy had broken into her stash and ate up most of it. However, Miyuki declared that she would not get angry today because she was ultra happy and excited about the trip.

The class taking a picture

The class' first stop was the Golden Pavilion. Reika was introducing the Pavilion to the other girls, stating that she did some research on Kyoto beforehand because she was excited about the trip.

Just then, Candy appeared on top of Miyuki's head, claiming that she did not want to remain on the bus alone. In her haste to hide Candy, Miyuki slipped on the road and fell into the pond surrounding the Pavilion. In the end, she alone had to change into a jersey.

Miyuki looking at her fortune

Next, the girls went to draw their fortunes at a shop near the Pavilion. Expecting to get a "Great Blessing" fortune, Miyuki was devastated to receive a "Great Curse" fortune instead. The other girls hastened to comfort her, but just as she was feeling a little better, bird poo dropped onto her head.

The girls getting their picture taken

During their free time, the girls visited the Togetsukyo Bridge, a symbol of Arashiyama. The girls decided to take a commemorative shot, but no matter how many times they tried, they just could not get a good photo.

Next, they visited a souvenir shop, where Miyuki decided to get a Kyoto doll for her mother. Just as she was going to pay for the doll, the shopkeeper knocked over a series of dolls which ended up hitting Miyuki on the head.

When they were eating macha softcream, a kid knocked into Miyuki, smashing it into her face. As they were strolling in a bamboo grove, Miyuki's souvenir bag slipped out of her hand and smashed onto the ground, breaking the doll she bought for her mother.

Miss Sasaki with tea on her face

That night in the hotel room, Miyuki was feeling sorry for herself. To cheer her up, Akane started a pillow fight, and soon all the girls were having a good time. Suddenly, Miyuki's flying pillow hit a tea kettle, knocking it into the air. Nao and Akane tried to save it, and just as Miyuki managed to catch the kettle, Miss Sasaki came in to ask the girls to turn in. The kettle upended the tea onto Miss Sasaki, earning a long lecture for the five.

Everyone excited for Miyuki's crush

After lights out, the girls were having a sharing session in their room when the subject of Miyuki's love interest came up. The other girls were extremely excited when Miyuki admitted that she indeed had a crush on someone, and they speculated about various boys in their school. But they are left unimpressed when she reveals it is on Peter Pan.


Miyuki fell on Nao

The next day, Miyuki was sure that the "Great Curse" had worn off, but unlucky things continued happening to her throughout the entire day. However, she did not let the bad happenings get to her, choosing to remain happy.

The girls ended up at Gion Street, and Yayoi was extremely excited to spot a maiko or apprentice geisha. Candy offered herself as a maiko by using the lipstick Cure Decor to transform herself, but the girls did not manage to find a real maiko. Discouraged, Miyuki suspected that her "Great Curse" was rubbing off on everyone, making them have bad luck as well.

Akaoni taking a picture with two boys

Just then, Akaoni, who read a story about demons terrorizing people in an old folktale book, identified the location in the story as Kyoto, and hence travelled there to wreak havoc too. However, the girls' classmates mistook him for a mascot character and took commemorative photos with him. Angered, Akaoni created a Bad End space at the temple, stealing everyone's happiness.

The girls rushed to where Akaoni was. Candy, who was holding on to Miyuki's fortune, lost her grip, and the fortune floated to Akaoni, who changed it into an Akanbe. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure to fight, but as the Cures dodged and blocked the Akanbe's attacks, the stray missiles always ended up striking Happy. Sunny tried to purify the Akanbe with Sunny Fire, but it failed to work on the Blue Nose Akanbe.

Cure Happy searching for her Smile Pact

Just as the Cures were going to try Rainbow Healing, Happy lost her grip on her Smile Pact, and it fell into the river nearby. While she was busy searching for it in the water, the other Cures were defeated by the Akanbe. Happy rushed to save her friends, and feeling awful because of her bad luck, she apologized to the others.

However, the other Cures assured her that they were blessed to have her around, and with renewed strength, the Cures sent the Akanbe flying and purified it with Rainbow Healing.

The girls taking a picture with maiko

After the fight, Miyuki thanked the other girls for their support. Just then, they managed to spot a couple of maiko out for a walk, and finally managed to take a good commemorative photo.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This episode features many famous tourist destinations of Kyoto, such as the Kyoto Tower, Temple of the Golden Pavilion (金閣寺 Kinkaku-ji?), Togetsu Bridge (渡月橋 Togetsu-kyō?), Kiyomizu Temple (清水寺 Kiyomizu-dera?), and Gion district.
  • The fortune slips[1] drawn by the girls at Kinkaku-ji are:
    • Miyuki: "Great curse" (大凶 dai kyō?).
    • Akane: "A blessing to come" (末吉 sue kichi?).
    • Yayoi and Reika: "Great blessing" (大吉 dai kichi?).
    • Nao: "Middling blessing" (中吉 chū kichi?).
  • The story Miyuki and Candy argue about in the bamboo groove is "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" (竹取物語 Taketori Monogatari?)[2], also known as "The Tale of Princess Kaguya."
  • The number 13 is considered unlucky in many cultures[3] such as Japan, so it fits that the 13th episode of the season focuses on Miyuki's bad luck.
  • The "Hoheto Inn" (ほへと旅館 Hoheto Ryokan?) the class stays at was based on the real-life "Iroha Inn" (いろは旅館 Iroha Ryokan?) in Kyoto, which closed in late 2015.[4]
    • After the episode first aired, the inn staff wrote a blogpost on a booking site comparing a shot of the Hoheto Inn with its real-life counterpart. They thanked the class for their patronage and acknowledged the "Five Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure," hoping they would enjoy their stay in Osaka next episode, especially Miyuki, who had trouble in Kyoto this episode.[5] In an online dairy entry by the inn staff, they made another comparison of a room in the Hoheto Inn with its real-life inspiration, noting a "perfect match" and that it was incredible to see other aspects such as the large public bath recreated. They also wrote that the adaptations of the Golden Pavilion and Arashiyama were faithful.[6]

Edits in Glitter Force

Darkened shot in Glitter Force.

  • The attraction in Kansai was called the Asian-Pacific Expo since the dub is set in the US.
  • Throughout the episode, some of the girls are suspicious of whether the fortunes are real or not. This isn't the case in the original.
  • On the train, after eating Emily (Miyuki)'s snacks, Candy burps in the dub.
  • The scene where Emily shakes when Candy is on her head is darkened probably due to the rapid movement on screen.
    • This is also the case during the girls' pillow fight.
  • The detailed omikuji fortunes were replaced with "Good luck! You will have good luck." in Lily (Yayoi) and Chloe (Reika)'s case, and "Bad luck! You will have bad luck." in Emily's.
  • While Nao says she got medium luck, April theorizes that all the fortunes say, "Good luck!"
  • Instead of pretending to be Princess Kaguya, Candy now pretends to be a panda.
  • The boys that the others think Emily may like get their names changed.
    • The boy that Lily suggests, originally named Toyashima Hidekazu, is renamed Nathaniel.
    • Like in episode 5, the student council president, originally surnamed Irie, is renamed Jared.
    • The boy that Chloe suggests, originally named Munemoto Shinya, is renamed Teddy.



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