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"Pierrot revived! Pretty Cure in a desperate situation!!" (ピエーロ復活!プリキュア絶体絶命!! Piēro fukkatsu! Purikyua zettai zetsumei!!?) is the 23rd episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, the 20th episode of Glitter Force, and also the 412th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In this episode, the girls and Pop battle the Bad End Kingdom villains to save Candy and stop Pierrot's revival. The English title is "Into the Shadow Realm!".


The Cures depart for Bad End Kingdom and are confronted by the stronger Bad End Trio. Overwhelmed, the Cures keep faith in each other and overcome the hardships set before them. But when Emperor Pierrot is revived, will their power be enough to stop him?


The Bad End trio

The girls travel to the Bad End Kingdom with the help of Pop, who is transformed into a large bird. They land near a castle, where Wolfrun, Akaoni, and Majorina are waiting for them. As they point out where Candy is being kept, the girls transform into Pretty Cure. Cure Happy goes to rescue Candy while the others take care of the Bad End Generals.

Younger Majorina

Happy moves forward as Sunny takes on Wolfrun, Peace goes against Akaoni, and March fights Majorina. Joker tries to stop Happy, but Beauty and Pop keep him busy.

The four villains chant the Bad End spell, making them stronger. Additionally, Majorina uses a magic spell to make herself younger. The Cures struggle to fight against their enemies, but the Bad End Generals overwhelm them. Nonetheless, they refuse to give up.

Happy continues running for Candy but has difficulty as the ground begins to shift and become steep. She almost falls into a pit of lava, but due to her running speed she is able to leap over it. But this is unable to get her far enough, so she uses Happy Shower as leverage to help her across.

Cure Happy defeated

After getting back onto solid ground, she spots the Decor Décor, which turns into a yellow-nosed Akanbe and smashes her into the ground.


Cure Peace shocks Akaoni

As this goes on, the others are also losing and fall to the ground. Badly injured, they appear to be defeated. But with their willpower, they prove to be so strong that they gain a sudden adrenaline charge and they fight harder than before. With this new rush of power, the Cures give all they have and defeat the generals.

Happy rescues Candy, and they quickly grab the Decor Décor and make their escape. Happy and Candy are reunited with the rest of the Cures, but when they place the last Cure Decor in the box, nothing happens. Suddenly, Pierrot rises from the lava and prepares to fire a cannon of Bad Energy powerful enough to destroy the whole planet. Pop turns into a bird again and escapes with Candy, and Pretty Cure tries to use Rainbow Healing on Pierrot. However, Pierrot shoots his partially-charged beam at them, knocking them out.

The Cures summon pegasus

After they hit the ground, they are still determined to defeat Pierrot and save the world. This determination causes the Decor Décor to shine brightly on them and they hear the Royale Queen's voice. She tells them not to give up, as they have a new power. She then gives them their new powers, the Princess Candles and the Princess Cure Decors, which enable the Cures to transform into Princess Form and use Rainbow Burst for the first time. The new attack quickly defeats Pierrot. However, Pierrot isn't dead; rather, he has reverted into a spiky egg.

With the fight finished, the Cures stand together happily, reunited with Candy and Pop.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events


Edits in Glitter Force

  • A shot of Majorina's breasts is removed.


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