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"Summer festival! Huge flower blooming in the night sky!" (夏祭り!夜空に咲く大きな花! Natsu matsuri! Yozora ni saku ōkina hana!?) is the 26th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 415th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls don their Yukatas and bring Candy with them to the summer festival. As its her first time she is highly excited; but they accidentally lose sight of her and spend the evening tracking her down.



Candy in a yukata

Meeting up at the summer night festival the girls compliment each others yukata, seeing that even Candy dressed up for the event by using the dress decor. They start walking when they spot Nao's father playing the Taiko.

Afterwards, they grab cotton candy and have Candy try some- which she is shown to enjoy.

Meanwhile Majorina is also at the festival and she was disgusted by the people enjoying themselves.

Reika is determined to catch a fish

The girls tried catching some goldfish, and Reika is shown to be very good at it. Majorina is also shown to play the game and she intends on eating hers- until the stall owner points out that they are not edible.

The girls then tried the shooting gallery, with Miyuki and Candy winning Natto candies. Majorina won a holiday trip by accident but was angered when the stall owner calling her an old lady.

After playing for a while, the girls took a break. Candy was distracted by the mask display and was mistaken for a toy by one of the stalls and the girls return to her- only to find her as a prize offering at one of the stands. With no other choice, they put together their money to determine they have five tries to win her back.

The girls find Candy

Taking turns, each girl fails with Miyuki going last. Just as her ring was about to land on the wrong prize; Candy quickly switches in order to allow them to win her back.

By now the girls decide to take a break, happy to have her back and head outside of the festival area.

Majorina finds them and she starts to suck Bad End energy from the

The Cures defeated by the Super Akanbe

various people and the girls transform. She creates a Super Akanbe using the festival toys and it quickly takes the girls down, causing Majorina to begin preaching how much she hates everyone there enjoying the festival. The girls stood up and were determined to take down the Super Akanbe. They don't want their night ruined, and they summon Princess Form to

The girls watch the fireworks

quickly defeat it with Rainbow Burst. In the process they gain two, brand new decors.

Changing back to normal, the girls head over to the top of a hill and enjoy the fireworks display going off. Candy was transfixed by all of the flashing, vibrant lights and sounds, and she thanks Miyuki for bringing her.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This episode was omitted in the English dub Glitter Force due to heavily featuring Japanese things, such as the summer festival, people's yukatas, the food there was at the festival, and more.


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