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"The worst ending!? Bad End Pretty Cure" (最悪の結末!?バッドエンドプリキュア!! Saiaku no ketsumatsu!? Baddo Endo Purikyua!!?) is the 46th episode of the season Smile Pretty Cure!, the 38th episode of Glitter Force, and also the 435th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. The English title is "The Shadow Force".


Joker uses the 5 trap cards and the last decor to make the Bad End Pretty Cure. And the Pretty Cure have to give it their all in order to defeat them.


The episode started where the previous episode ended, where Joker used the 5 trap cards and made the Bad End Pretty Cure. Bad End Happy walked to Cure Happy and

The Cures escaping

told her that she always happy when she saw people in pain, telling to her good counterpart that she would be one of them. After Bad End Happy uses Bad End Shower, everything explodes. Cure Happy and the others managed to escape, but the Bad End Cures were right behind them. The Bad End Cures shot their attacks at them and the cures went to different portals formed out of Joker's cards. Pop fell down with the miracle jewel, revealing that he had survived. Joker told Pop that he would make the worst ending. He made sure to point out that the Bad End Cures were strong, and no one could defeat them.

Sunny gets hit by Bad End Fire

Cure Happy was terrified without her friends and in a place with her evil counterpart. Bad End Happy was doing many Bad End Showers, causing Cure Happy to be in a bad condition. Despite asking Bad End Happy why she felt happy when people were in pain, she still attacked her, even throwing Cure Happy to the ground whilst she smiled.

In another portal Cure Sunny was in a sunset dimension with Bad End Sunny. She kept using Bad End Fire without stopping, then told Cure Sunny that she was the sun and the sun could destroy everything, before using Bad End Fire. Cure Sunny could escape those attacks but Bad End Sunny was faster and told her that there was only one Sunny.

Bad End Peace landing on Cure Peace

In yet another portal Cure Peace was falling and saw that she was alone in a place full of flowers and black clouds, just as Bad End Peace fell down on her good counterpart. Then Bad End Peace frantically apologized and Cure Peace tried to help her up. But when she touched Bad End Peace, Cure Peace got electrocuted and Bad End Peace was smiling because she lied. In the other portal Cure March was running fast to get away from Bad End March, but then for a second Cure March did not know where she was. But the evil counterpart came and kicked her, making Cure March fall down. Cure March got up but Bad End March came as fast as she could and kicked her many times in the stomach, causing Cure March to fall again.

Cure Beauty struggling to stand

In the final portal Bad End Beauty was saying about the moon that it was beautiful, unlike Cure Beauty. But Cure Beauty got up, and she tried to attack, but failed as it was too difficult. Bad End Beauty was with her sword and tried to catch her.

Back in the city, Pop held the miracle jewel was running away from Joker's card bombs. But it was hard for Pop to run and he fell down and the card bombs were there and exploded. Joker told Pop to hand over the miracle jewel but Pop would never give up his sister, and than Joker told him that the cures would never destroy the Bad End Cures. After Joker told Pop that he would destroy the miracle jewel. 

All the cures could not believe that they would defeat the Bad End Cures.

Royale Queen appears

Candy than all the cures were trying to reach Pop but Bad End Cures came in their way and shooted at them. Then Joker took a weapon and tried to destroy Candy and Pop, but than a bright light shined from the Royal Clock, revealing the Royale Queen in all her glory. Joker fell down but he knew that the Royale Queen did not have too much power left, as Royale Queen told Joker that she would not let him touch Candy, revealing that the Royale Queen was Candy's mother. But Joker knew it was the time for the end of the world, and all the cures were still trying to defeat the Bad End Cures.

Happy discovers the black paint

Bad End Cures were about to unleash their most powerful attacks to defeat the cures and Joker told the Royale Queen that Pierrot was reviving, but the cures were not going to let their ideals be twisted and used their ultra decors to finish the job. Cure Happy used Happy Shower Shining against Bad End Happy, Cure Sunny used Sunny Fire Burning against Bad End Sunny, Cure Peace used Peace Thunder Hurricane against Bad End Peace, Cure March did March Shoot Impact and Cure Beauty did Beauty Blizzard Arrow. Finally, all the Bad End Cures were finally defeated. Then the cures gained their last decor which made Joker surprised. But then, Joker started laughing and Happy was shocked. She then saw that she had a little piece of the black paint, which was usually used to turn the future into a bad ending every episode. The cures then could do nothing but witness Joker becoming a part of Master Pierrot. All the cures were shocked and terrified and they saw more pieces of Pierrot coming to them. But the last decor that they earned was able to get Candy into her human form. The episode ends with the cures reacting in shock and surprise.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Bad End Pretty Cures appear for the first time.
  • Candy's new form and that she is Royale Queen's daughter is revealed.



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