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Soular (サウラー Saurā?) is a general from Labyrinth and a villain from Fresh Pretty Cure!. His human alter ego is Minami Shun (南 瞬 Minami Shun?).


Soular is a guy with grayish-skin who has long grey hair and green eyes. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt that has a light green pattern on it with black-teal trousers and black tuxedo shoes. Over the shirt, there's a black-teal west tied with teal ribbons. He also wears a silver belt with a green gem on it, black gloves and a cape that is pale green on the back and black on the front attached to silver shoulder boards that has white ruffles.

After his ressurection, most of his outfit becomes white and the green colors are brighter. His belt is light teal now and the gem on it white while the shoulder boards' ruffles are gold now.

As Minami Shun, he's a very good looking guy with dark grey hair instead styled to a very low ponytail. His skin tone also changes. He wears a black shirt over a white coat with light mauve pants, and white shoes.


Soular is the most calm and focused member of the group, who often appears mysterious. Oppose to his teammates, he prefers to strategize and plan his schemes in advance, and favours straightforward but also careful plans. Initially appearing to be cold-hearted, he actually does care for his comrades. Although he takes his job seriously, he seems to overlook small details when it comes to casual tasks, such as pouring too much sugar in a single cup of tea.


First plan

Soular leaving the others, and going to summon the Nakewameke.

As Moebius told his servants to fill the meter which would make the world in despair, Soular thought of a plan. Then he started to mock Eas and Westar, as they couldn't beat the Cures. Then he left as he turned into his human form, Shun. According to his plan, he thought if it was easier to get the sadness from children and went to a classroom, he then summoned a Nakewameke out of a chalk board and started erasing things. That made Love's hamburgers disappear, Ayumi then saw Love as she predicted that Love ate the hamburgers and that caused Love and Ayumi having a mother - daughter fight. However, because Soular then started erasing other things, the girls found out about it and went to fight him. The girls transformed and fought him, the Nakewameke was defeated and he had lost. Ayumi then forgave Love in the end.FPC06

Losing and Gaining Members

Tired of the frequent failures of Westar and Soular and the fact Eas left Labyrinth, Moebuis have sent Northa to retrieve Infinity. When Westar and Soular fighting with their Nakewameke against the Pretty Cures, Northa appears infront of the others and summons a Sorewatase which merges with the Nakewamekes. However, it is defeated by the Cures thanks to Chiffon's power.

Gaining the Clover Box

Soular decided to look for Infinity again until he noticed a little girl, who was playing with the Clover Box. He demanded her to give him the Clover Box but the girl refused, making him switch over. Miki, who was looking for the Clover Box, spotted him and transformed into Cure Berry to fight him. Berry summoned her Berry Sword, seemingly about to use her Espoir Shower Fresh but it was a feint, retrieving the box from him in the process. Soon Tarte and the rest of the team re-groups to finish off the Sorewatase with Lucky Clover Grand Finale.FPC38

Changing Sides

After traveling to Labyrinth to save Chiffon, the Pretty Cure were separated and Cure Berry and Passion finds themselves facing Westar and Soular again. As Berry confronts Soular, she tries to warn him about how Moebuis is merely using him as a tool but he refuses to listen. A large hole suddenly emerges and starting to suck everything in. Soular sacrificed himself to save Berry right after talking to her.

However, it turns out that he and Westar were reborn and arrived just in time to save the Pretty Cure from the combined might of Northa and Klein, while Soular expresses gratitude with Berry for her words. With the teamwork of the former servants of Moebuis and the Pretty Cure with their new Cure Angel forms, they were able to make their way to Moebuis and halt his dimension-conquering plan.


  • Westar and Eas- Soular frequently mocks Westar for his incompetence and he once put Eas on edge by questioning her capability in beating the Pretty Cure. In spite of these behaviors, he still values both as his trusted comrades and friends and cooperates well with them. He was shocked to see Eas becoming a Pretty Cure and opposing Labyrinth.
  • Cure Berry- Soular often fights against Cure Berry more than any other Cure. In their last confrontation, Berry tries to inform him about how Moebuis is treating him, but he refuses to listen. However, he saves her from the hole sucking her in and after being reborn, he shown great appreciation for what she have said to him.


Like all of the people from Labyrinth, he has the ability to summon Nakewameke monsters and change his appearance. He is also shown to be a good fighter and confronts the Cures on multiple occasions.

Chiffon grants him a few new abilities sometime between episodes 47 and 48. Essentially, they are exactly the same powers that he had previously, except they can be used for the sake of good instead of evil.


Like the other members of Labyrinth, Soular's name is derived from a compass direction, in this case South. His human name is a reference to this as well, 南 (minami?) means "south".



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