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Southern Cross Shot! The Cures performing the attack

Southern Cross Shot (サザンクロスショット?) is the first group attack that the Cures use in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. It is first used in episode 11 and requires the Twinkle Stick.


The girls form into a circle formation with their left arms outstretched, as they shout the attack's incantation. A star, in their respective colors, shoots out from their left hand. The stars gather together and forms into a bright star that explodes into a multicolored wave. The wave produces 4 stars, in the Cure's respective colors, that fall into each of their hands. The stars transform into the Twinkle Stick, which Cure Star is seen grabbing the item. In the background, the Cures can be heard saying "Twinkle Stick!" as Cure Star grabs the item. In the order of Cure Star, Cure Milky, Cure Soleil, and Cure Selene, they each say their alter ego plus "Twinkle", then strike a pose. The inside of the center star from the Twinkle Stick begins to spin while producing a bright light. The Cures form a diamond formation with Cure Star at the top, Cure Selene on the left, Cure Soleil on the right, and Cure Milky at the bottom. As they form into the diamond formation, they shout another incantation that creates an enormous sparkling four pointed star with each of the Cure's respective colors in the Cure's positions. The Cures face their Twinkle Stick towards the target, and the star is shot at the target as they yell "Pretty Cure! Southern Cross Shot!". The shot encloses the target, races to the sky before enlarging the four pointed star, which purifies the target.



All: 空に輝け!イマジネーションの力!
All: トゥインクルステッキ!
Star: スター☆トゥインクル!
Milky: ミルキー☆トゥインクル!
Soleil: ソレイユ☆トゥインクル!
Selene: セレーネ☆トゥインクル!
All: 4つの輝きを今一つに!
All: プリキュア!サザンクロスショット!


All: Sora ni kagayake! Imajinēshon no chikara!
All: Tuinkuru Sutekki!
Star: Sutā☆Tuinkuru!
Milky: Mirukī☆Tuinkuru!
Soleil: Soreiyu☆Tuinkuru!
Selene: Serēne☆Tuinkuru!
All: Yottsu no kagayaki wo ima hitotsu ni!
All: Purikyua! Sazan Kurosu Shotto!


All: Light up the sky! The power of imagination!
All: Twinkle Stick!
Star: Star☆Twinkle!
Milky: Milky☆Twinkle!
Soleil: Soleil☆Twinkle!
Selene: Selene☆Twinkle!
All: Make the four lights become one now!
All: Pretty Cure! Southern Cross Shot!


  • As of episode 25, the majority of the attack (the Cures' faces and bodies) has been reanimated.




Star Twinkle Precure Group attack Southern Cross Shot !

Star Twinkle Precure Group attack Southern Cross Shot !

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