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Cures Black and White wearing the Sparkle Bracelets

The Sparkle Bracelets (スパークルブレスレット Supākuru Bureisoretto?) enable Cure Black and Cure White to use their ultimate team attack in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Marble Screw Max Sparkle and additionally Extreme Luminario Max. They obtain it in episode 23 of Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart after showing their strongest will to defend the Garden of Rainbows. According to Intelligen, the Sparkle Bracelets is the power to create all things.


The sparkle bracelet is a silver attachement on the wrist decorated with gold lining and lighter silver pieces. On the top half are three, small pink heart-shaped gems, while the middle of the lower half has a dark pink section with matching gems going down it. At the middle is a silver gem heart on a gold base with a flowing ribbon attached to it, Cure Black's being pale pink, while Cure White's is pale blue.



1080p Cure Black & White Transformation Sparkle Bracelets

1080p Cure Black & White Transformation Sparkle Bracelets

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