Spiral Heart Splash Star

Spiral Heart Splash Star (スパイラル ハート スプラッシュ スター Supairaru Hāto Supurasshu Sutā?) is the group attack used by Cure Bloom, Cure Egret, Kiryuu Michiru, and Kiryuu Kaoru during the final battle against Goyan. The name of the attack's last part is the same as the title of the show, Splash Star.


Moop, Foop, Flappy, and Choppy tap into their powers, giving Cure Bloom and Cure Egret the Spiral Rings, and making the symbols on Michiru and Kaoru's uniforms glow. One by one, the girls recite their parts of the incantation as blue, yellow, pink, and green energy comes into their hands. The blue and yellow energy becomes liquid and forms a heart. Cure Bloom and Cure Egret get ready to push the liquid back, as do Michiru and Kaoru. At the yell of "Splash Star," all four release their liquid in a devastating torrent that destroys the enemy in a ball of white light.



Moop: 月の力!
Foop: 風の力!
Flappy: 大地の力!
Choppy: 大空の力!

Cure Egret: 精霊の光よ!
Kaoru: 命の輝きよ!
Michiru: 希望へ導け···
Cure Bloom: ··· すべての心
Cure Bloom & Cure Egret: プリキュア スパイラル ハート···
Everyone: ··· スプラッシュ スター!


Moop: Tsuki no chikara!
Foop: Kaze no chikara!
Flappy: Daichi no chikara!
Choppy: Ōzora no chikara!

Cure Egret: Seirei no hikari yo!
Kaoru: Inochi no kagayaki yo!
Michiru: Kibō he michibike...
Cure Bloom: ... Subete no kokoro!
Cure Bloom & Cure Egret: Purikyua Supairaru Hāto...
Everyone: ... Supurasshu Sutā!


Moop: Power of the Moon!
Foop: Power of the Wind!
Flappy: Power of the Earth!
Choppy: Power of the Sky!

Cure Egret: O spirits of Light!
Kaoru: O glitter of Life!
Michiru: Lead to the path of hope...
Cure Bloom: ... Every heart!
Cure Bloom & Cure Egret: Pretty Cure Spiral Heart...
Everyone: ... Splash Star!


  • This attack is very similar to Extreme Luminario Max which also appeared at the end of the last season as a one-time finisher attack, with Goyan being destroyed by an ultimate attack just like Baldez was.



1080p Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star Final Attack Precure Spiral Heart Splash Star-0

1080p Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star Final Attack Precure Spiral Heart Splash Star-0