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Cure Egret's Spiral Ring set

The Spiral Rings (スパイラルリング?) are a special item in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. They are obtained in episode 24 from Moop & Foop. The Spiral Rings are the items required to perform the attacks Spiral Heart Splash as Bloom & Egret, and Spiral Star Splash as Bright and Windy.


Cure Bloom wears hers as a belt while Egret's is on her wrist. The basic shape is composed of a pink heart on a white base with a smaller decorative heart in the middle. Bloom's resides on a white and gold oval-shaped ornament accented in pink and lavender, residing on a light pink belt that has a pale blue loop on either side of it. Egret's has a similiar piece but in lavender and azure.

As Cure Bright & Cure Windy, the Spiral Rings gain a five-point star instead of a heart ornament. The piece it connects to gains more detailing.


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