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This is a category listing episodes for Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.
Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Kirayaba~☆ Sora ni Kagayaku Kyua Sutā Tanjō!
"Glitterific~☆ Shining In Space, Cure Star Is Born!"
Kappard 2019-02-03
One night when Hikaru was drawing a unique constellation, a mysterious fairy warped into her room! Hikaru couldn't contain her excitement so the next morning, she went out to find this fairy. The fairy who she names Fuwa, finds her but moments later they meet two aliens, Prunce and Lala who were being chased by the Nottoraiders! Everything starts to go south when they go into space and a hole is blown into the side of Lala's rocket, causing Fuwa to get sucked out into space! Filled with determination, Hikaru willingly gets sucked out as well to protect Fuwa from Kappard, which in turn grants her the power to become Cure Star and fight Kappard!
02 Uchū Kara no Otomodachi☆ Kyua Mirukī Tanjō!
"A Friend From Space☆ Cure Milky Is Born!"
Kappard 2019-02-10
While Lala begins to repair her rocket after the crash landing, Hikaru learns about the importance of being a Pretty Cure. However, secretly, Lala wishes that she could become a Cure like Hikaru did, but the rocket's AI explains that her chances are very slim, until she also reveals that Hikaru had the same chances and ended up receiving them. As the night went on, Hikaru learns more about the customs on Lala's planet, while she introduces Lala to Earth food by giving her onigiri. After learning about the Star Princesses, they are all attacked once again by Kappard and his horde of Nottorei. Hikaru transforms into Cure Star, but struggles this time. Wanting desperately to protect Fuwa and Cure Star, Lala finally receives her Cure powers, allowing her to become Cure Milky to once again repel Kappard!
03 Purikyua Kaisan!? Sutā Purinsesu no Chikara wo Sagase☆
"The Pretty Cure Are Disbanding!? Search For The Power Of The Star Princesses☆"
Tenjo 2019-02-17
When Prunce deduces that the mysterious noise pinging from the Star Color Pendant indicates that a Star Princess is nearby, Hikaru goes right ahead to search for it. However, Lala still thinks they should wait until her data analysis confirmed that it was, causing a rift to form between the two. Later, Lala reluctantly goes along with Hikaru to look for the location, trying to hide her's and Prunce's alien identities from the public. They later receive advice from Elena, who works at the flower shop Sonrisa, about how to settle their argument by listening to what the other has to say, but it turns out they didn't heed that advice and eventually continued their squabble. It isn't until Fuwa starts to cry and tells them to please get along that they realize that they were wrong to fight. After a while, they end up discovering a pen that contained a Star Princess's power, but as they go to retrieve it, a Nottorei swipes it first, and Hikaru and Lala are left with no choice but to battle another Nottoraider, Tenjo, to get it back!
04 Chao! Kirameku Egao☆ Kyua Soreiyu Tanjō!
"Ciao! A Shining Smile☆ Cure Soleil Is Born!"
Tenjo 2019-02-24
Hikaru decides to take Lala to school with her, but she has to be careful about revealing her to anybody. As they arrive at school, so does Elena, the girl who helped resolved their argument. She is shown to be extremely popular among her fellow classmates and is very skilled in soccer and gymnastics. After school, Hikaru and Lala decide to visit Elena and her numerous siblings at the flower shop she works at named "Sonrisa". She explains that she loves making people smile, hence the name of the shop. After thanking her for helping, the two Cures head back home when a fleet of Nottorei attack them. One of the footsoldiers throws a smoke bomb to obscure their sight, making it hard for Star and Milky to defend not only themselves, but Fuwa as well. Elena witnesses the attack and steps in to protect Fuwa, and Elena's determination to protect Fuwa and everyone else's smiles gives her the power to transform into Cure Soleil!
05 Himitsu no Henshin☆ Ojōsama wa Kyua Serēne!
"A Secret Transformation☆ The Lady is Cure Selene!"
Tenjo 2019-03-03
Madoka, who had seen Lala's antennae and Fuwa, is about to divulge that information to her parents when her father receives a phone call, where he mentions that humans should not sympathize with aliens. The next day, the Cures still try to hide Lala's alien identity as well as Fuwa and Prunce, but that fails when Madoka eventually notices them all througout the day. This causes a confilct within her because of the family's obligations to reveal any secrets they have, even if it means that Lala and Prunce have to leave Earth if that happens. She tells the Cures that she must tell her father about the aliens' existence, concerning everyone when suddenly they are attacked by Tenjo again and her Nottorei horde. Madoka tries to escape with Fuwa while the other Cures hold them off, but she accidentally reveals herself to Tenjo, leading her to be pursued. Despite her objections because of her family, Madoka becomes determined to protect Fuwa, allowing her to become the fourth Pretty Cure, Cure Selene!
06 Yami no Imajinēshon!? Dāku Pen Shutsugen!
"An Imagination of Darkness!? The Dark Pen Appears!"
Aiwarn 2019-03-10
Lala attempts and fails to repair her rocket again, causing her to lash out at her friends. Hikaru then talks Lala into going to an observatory with the others to cheer her up. While there, Ryoutarou, who works there, recognizes Lala from when they last met. Later, they go to Ryoutarou's study, where he reveals that the stars appear to be dimmer than they usually are, which worries Hikaru. Even later, Lala goes to a planetarium in the observatory where she is shown constellations and told how they could also represent relationships with others. Just then, Lala's Star Color Pendant reacts, indicating there was a Princess Star Color Pen nearby, but they are soon shocked to learn that Aiwarn, another Notraider, found it first and corrupted it. She then uses it to trap Ryoutarou inside a Nottoriga, making him believe that observatories are a waste of space. The enraged Cures transform to try and defeat it, but the monster is way too powerful! Just as Aiwarn is about to declare victory, Milky, after remembering what Ryoutarou told her about constellations, comes up with a plan to steal the pen back!
07 Wakuwaku! Roketto Shūri Daisakusen☆
"Exciting! The Grand Strategy To Repair The Rocket☆"
Tenjo 2019-03-17
08 Uchū e GO☆ Kenneru Hoshi wa Wandafuru!
"Off To Space We GO☆ The Planet Kennel Is Wonderful!"
09 Yūjō no Ringu! Sutā Dōnatsu☆
"Ring of Friendship! Star Donuts☆"
10 Kirakkira☆ Wakusei Kumarin e Yōkoso!
"Sparkling☆ Welcome To Planet Coumarin!"

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