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Star Coler Pendant
Star Color Pendant (スターカラーペンダント?) is the main transformation item used by the girls in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. To activate the transformation, they need to insert their Star Color Pen into the top and say the phrase Color Charge!. The pendant can also be used to perform attacks using the 12 Princess Star Color Pens.


The pendant is mostly shaped like a circle with a magenta base. Its main design is a giant yellow star with a silver round dial that has a blue heart with a gold trim. On the dial are the zodiac symbols. On the top left side of the pendant is an opening with a pink heart, trimmed with gold and with light pink wings.


The Star Color Pendant can be used by the Cures to transform whenever they insert their respective Star Color Pen at the top. It can also be used to perform their solo attacks. It is later revealed to have the ability to locate any Princess Star Color Pens.



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