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The Cures performing the attack

Star Twinkle Imagination (スタートゥインクルイマジネーション?) is the second group attack that the Cures use in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the first to involve all five Cures. It is first used in episode 32 and requires the Shiny Twinkle Pen and Fuwa.


Using her own hands, Fuwa creates a golden star which in turn becomes a golden ball. Star inserts the Shiny Twinkle Pen into the ball which has Fuwa's horn glow. The Cures hold hands and spin around Fuwa, allowing Fuwa to grant the girls new forms known as the Twinkle Style. The five Cures fly into position as Fuwa flies around the golden ball. The five Cures stand on either side of Fuwa, with their hands pointed at Fuwa and the ball. Their incantation creates a large silver star which they send flying towards the enemy. When it hits the enemy, it has all 12 constellation signs appear and then fly into the enemy, purifying them.



Fuwa: みんなの想い重ねるフワー!
Cure Star: シャイニートゥインクルペン!
Fuwa: 声を重ねるフワー!
Fuwa: キラキラー!
Cures: トゥインクル!
Fuwa: キラキラー!
Cures: トゥインクル!
Fuwa: フワー!
Cures: イマジネーションの輝き!なりたい自分に!
Fuwa: 星のちから輝くフワー!
Cures: 想いを重ねて!プリキュア!スタートゥインクルイマジネーション!


Fuwa: Min'na no omoi kasaneru ~fuwā!
Cure Star: Shainī Tuinkuru Pen!
Fuwa: Koe wo kasaneru ~fuwā!
Fuwa: Kirakirā!
Cures: Tuinkuru!
Fuwa: Kirakirā!
Cures: Tuinkuru!
Fuwa: Fuwā!
Cures: Imajinēshon no kagayaki! Naritai jibun ni!
Fuwa: Hoshi no chikara kagayaku ~fuwā!
Cures: Omoi wo kasanete! Purikyua! Sutā Tuinkuru Imajinēshon!


Fuwa: May everyone's thoughts become one ~fuwa!
Cure Star: Shiny Twinkle Pen!
Fuwa: May your voices become one ~fuwa!
Fuwa: Shiny!
Cures: Twinkle!
Fuwa: Shiny!
Cures: Twinkle!
Fuwa: Fuwa!
Cures: To the light of imagination! Let me become my ideal self!
Fuwa: Power of the stars, shine bright ~fuwa!
Cures: With our feelings as one! Pretty Cure! Star Twinkle Imagination!


  • Whenever a Cure unlocks her Twinkle Imagination, during the part where they all change into their Twinkle Style forms, it would focus on the Cure who unlocked hers during that episode.
  • In episode 45, the attack sequence was shortened.
  • In episode 47, Fuwa performs a version of the attack all by herself by combining the Cures' powers with hers.
  • In episode 48, the Cures used the memories of Fuwa to perform the attack during the final battle against the Ophiuchus Star Princess.




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