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Stop & Freeze (ストップ&フリーズ Sutoppu & Furīzu?) are robot-like twin generals of Dys Dark, who work under Close's wing in Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


First Appearance & Attack

Stop & Freeze were born from seeds that Close had planted. He had the two target Hanae, who had just decided on her dream of becoming a flower coordinator. They locked her dream away and created a flower Zetsuborg. The Cures defeated the Zetsuborg, but the two of them, along with Close, tell them that the despair will soon grow and keep growing.


Both Stop and Freeze wear long sleeve tops with white, turquoise, and black portions. Stop's long sleeve top ends as a dress at the bottom, while Freeze's top is just a shirt, and wears white short shorts beneath them.

Both twins have metallic heads and faces; Stop has a silver head, a golden face, and long bunny ears, while Freeze has a golden head, a silver face, and short, round mouse ears.

Their legs are of the same coloration as their own faces. Both wear high heels and gloves as well.

In episode 49, they transform into very tall, giant masses of twisted thorns in their respective colors. Within the thorns are glowing green eyes as well as large sharp teeth.

In episode 50, Stop & Freeze finally achieve their monstrous forms like Close, Shut, and Lock did. In this form, they resemble long snakes with armor on their heads similar to their helmets, glowing green eyes, and sharp teeth.


Both of them are very serious and robot-like and never fool around when it comes to fulfilling Dyspear's commands.


Like the other members of Dys Dark, Stop and Freeze can trap people's dreams in the gate of desperation to create Zetsuborgs by saying "Stop! Freeze! Your Dream!".

They can also fire green lasers and are good in hand to hand combat as shown in episode 48.



Official Profile/Art


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