Suite Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1

Suite Pretty Cure♪ Vocal Album 1 ~Deliver! The Symphony of Love and Hope~ (スイートプリキュア♪ボーカルアルバム1~とどけ!愛と希望のシンフォニー~?) is the first vocal album for the Suite Pretty Cure♪ series. It was released on July 20th, 2011.

The album contains the first opening and ending themes of the show, as well as character songs featuring the voice actresses for Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm, Cure Beat and Hummy. There are also songs performed by Kudo Mayu and Ikeda Aya.


Track # Title Time Audio
01 DoReMiFa Pretty Cure♪
03:51 01._DoReMiFa_Pretty_Cure♪.ogg
02 La♪ La♪ La♪ Suite Pretty Cure♪
03:24 01. ラ♪ラ♪ラ♪スイートプリキュア♪.ogg
03 Sm!le L!nk
(Sm!le L!nk?)
04:23 03_Sm!le_L!Nk.ogg
04 Precious Things
04:20 04_Precious_Things.ogg
05 Keep On Hoping
03:32 05_Keep_on_Hoping.ogg
06 You're Here
03:56 06_You're_Here.ogg
07 Suite Symphony
03:26 07_Suite_Symphony.ogg
08 Smile Yell
04:34 08_Smile_Yell.ogg
09 Can't Stop My Heart Beat!
(Heart Beatは止まらない!?)
03:52 09_Can't_Stop_My_Heart_Beat!.ogg
10 The Promised Melody
04:24 10_The_Promised_Melody.ogg
11 Wonderful↑Powerful↑Music!!
03:39 02. ワンダフル↑パワフル↑ミュージック!!.ogg

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