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This is a list of episodes in Suite Pretty Cure♪.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Nyapu Nyapu~! Suīto Purikyua Tanjō Nya♪
ニャプニャプ~! スイートプリキュア誕生ニャ♪
"Nyapu Nyapu~! The Birth of Suite Pretty Cure-nya♪"
Trio the Minor

In the musical Major Land, a fairy named Hummy is due to sing the Melody of Happiness to spread cheer throughout the land. However, the land is attacked by the evil Baron Mephisto and his assistant, Siren, who plans to turn it into a Melody of Sorrow. The goddess of Major Land, Aphrodite, scatters the Notes that make up the melodies throughout the land to keep them safe and sends Hummy to Kanon Town to seek out Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Minamino, two girls who used to be best friends, have not gotten along with each other for a while and Siren attempts to steal the Golden G-Clefs within their hearts. But after the power within them prevents it she discovers a Note inside their favorite record and transforms it into a monster known as a Negatone. Noticing their hearts sync up perfectly, Hummy gives Hibiki and Kanade the ability to transform into the Suite Pretty Cures, Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm.

02 Gaga~n! Hayakumo Purikyua Kaisan no Kiki nya!
ガガ~ン! 早くもプリキュア解散の危機ニャ!
"Gaga~n! Pretty Cure is in Danger of Breaking up Already-nya!"
Trio the Minor

Hibiki and Kanade can not get their hearts in sync and soon drop out of their transformation, letting the Negatone run rampage. As Hummy inquires over why the two don't get along, Hibiki reveals that she was waiting for Kanade by a cherry blossom tree on the opening ceremony of the school, but she never came. Kanade has a similar story, and when the two come across a child in the same situation they realize the reason they didn't see each other was because they went to opposite sides of the school. With the confusion cleared up, the duo manages to face off against the Negatone and defeat it, allowing Hummy to purify it back into a Note and keep it safe.

03 Jaja~n! Hibiki wa Ongakugirai-nya?
ジャジャ~ン! 響は音楽嫌いニャ?
"Jaja~n! Hibiki Hates Music-nya?"
Trio the Minor

Hummy asks Hibiki about her disdain for music, leading her to recall a piano contest when she was little. Her father, Dan, told her that her music wasn't 'true music', which left her with bitterness for music. One of their classmates, Masamune Ouji, is also having trouble learning for Dan about playing true music. During a piano tournament, a Negatone attacks and Hibiki and Kanade struggle until Dan lends a hand by playing music to distract the Negatone so Pretty Cure can defeat it, eventually revealing that 'true music' can only be played if you enjoy playing it. Afterwards, Hibiki comes to understand her father's words and starts practicing on the piano with Kanade.

04 Mogumogu! Kanade ga Miseru Kiai no Reshipi nya♪
モグモグ! 奏が見せる気合いのレシピニャ♪
"Mogumogu! Kanade Shows Her Spirited Recipe-nya♪"
Siren 2011-02-27

Kanade wants to enter a cake contest to impress her baking idol, Yoko Yamaguchi, but is having trouble coming up with ideas that would impress. Siren decides to disguise herself as Yoko and give Kanade private lessons to make some controversial cake designs that focus on presentation as opposed to taste, which causes conflict with Hibiki after she compares them to Kanade's past work. However, she soon realizes the meaning behind Hibiki's words and makes an old fashioned strawberry cake, which Siren transforms into a Negatone.

05 Dotabata! Terebi Repōtā ni Kyōsen da nya ♪
ドタバタ! テレビレポーターに挑戦だニャ♪
"Dotabata! The TV Reporter Challenge-nya ♪"
Trio the Minor

Hibiki's mother, Maria, calls and says that she's volunteered Kanade and Hibiki to do a TV report on the town. Kanade and Hibiki don't really want to do it but get sucked in by the perks and go ahead anyway. Whilst they initially clash with each others style of reporting, they both end up having fun. Siren attempts to get on camera to play the Melody of Sorrow, but upon being thwarted she makes a Negatone for the Cures to fight.

06 Gamigami! Osekkyō ga Unda Mirakuru Berutie nya ♪
"Gamigami! Miracle Belltier Born Out of Sermon-nya ♪"
Trio the Minor

Kanade and her brother Souta don't seem to get along, but deep down do like each other. When Souta decides to make something for Kanade for White Day, Hibiki agrees to help out in making a cake. However, Kanade yells at Souta for making a mess in the kitchen, causing him to become upset and run off, where he is trapped after Siren makes a Negatone out of his cake. As Kanade fights to reach Souta, Hibiki's desire to protect their sibling bonds grants her a new weapon, the Miracle Belltier, which she uses to defeat the Negatone. Afterwards, Kanade apologizes to Souta and accepts the gift, only to find it is filled with wasabi.

07 Tettekete~! Otokichi-san no Himitsu ni Semaru nya ♪
テッテケテ~! 音吉さんの秘密に迫るニャ♪
"Tettekete~! Getting in on Otokichi-san's Secret-nya ♪"
Trio the Minor

As Hibiki and Kanade are leaving a church where they practice piano, they notice a doll left behind by the organ keeper, Otokichi Shirabe. They try to return it, searching all around the city for him but having no such luck. When they almost forget the doll, it is transformed into a Negatone.

08 Chararān! Seirēn no Nise Shinyū Daisakusen nya!
チャララーン! セイレーンのニセ親友大作戦ニャ!
"Chararaan! Siren's Fake-Best Friend Plan-nya!"
Trio the Minor
Deciding the best way to stop the Pretty Cure is to separate the bonds of friendship, Siren researches into Hibiki's likes and hobbies and disguises herself as a transfer student named Sakura. She strikes up friendship with Hibiki in order to separate her from Kanade, allegedly feeling some signs of friendship herself. However, when Hibiki sprains her ankle during a judo match, Kanade's true friendship shines through. Siren's cover is soon blown and she ends up making a Headband Negatone for the Cures to fight.
09 Hanyanya? Kanade ni Tarinai Mono Tte nani nya?
"Hanyanya? What is Kanade Lacking-nya?"
Trio the Minor
Kanade is a little downhearted that she doesn't have a Belltier like Hibiki's and feels she is always relying on her. With Hummy saying the Belltier came from Hibiki's 'Precure Power', Kanade tries to imitate Hibiki's appetite and sports ability to no avail. As Hibiki questions Kanade's behavior, Siren creates a Cherry Blossom Negatone. When Hibiki's arm gets injured in the fight, Kanade's desire to protect everyone grants her the Fantastic Belltier, which allows her to defeat the Negatone.
10 Uhhohho-! Hibiki-sensei, Yōchien de Daifuntō nya ♪
"Uhhohho-! Miss Hibiki's Big Struggle at Kindergarten-nya ♪"

Hibiki's father asks Hibiki, Kanade and Ouji to help teach music at a kindergarten, which proves to be no easy feat. The next day, Ouji saves Siren before she is hit by a car. Later that day, Hibiki manages to get the kids excited about learning music by having them act like gorillas. After a successful recital, the kids give Hibiki and Kanade gifts containing notes. As Siren hesitates due to Ouji's presence, one of her stooges, Bassdrum, transforms them into Gorilla Negatones which Hibiki and Kanade defeat. Afterwards, Bassdrum denounces Siren as their leader.

11 Gyogyogyo! Nazo no Purikyua Arawaru nya!
"Gyogyogyo! A Mysterious Pretty Cure Appears-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-04-24

Siren is denounced as the leader and runs off, with Bassdrum becoming the new leader of the Minor Trio. Meanwhile, Hibiki and Kanade decide to enter a music contest together. On the day of the contest, they realize they don't have a piano to perform on, but their friend Waon Nishijima helps them out. However, it is soon revealed that the contest is a trap laid out by Bassdrum who spreads the Melody of Sorrow and creates some Cymbal Negatones. As Hibiki and Kanade struggle to fight against it, a mysterious masked Cure known as Cure Muse appears and ensnares the Negatones, allowing Kanade to purify them.

12 Rinrīn♪ Kyua Myūzu no Koto Oshiete nya!
"Rinriin♪ Tell Me About Cure Muse-nya!"
Bassdrum 2011-05-01
Hibiki and Kanade become curious about Muse's identity, whilst Hummy informs Aphrodite concerning her as well. The Minor Trio suspect Siren might be Muse, as she has been disappearing for long parts of the day lately. Meanwhile, Hibiki and Kanade have their own suspects, with Hibiki suspecting Waon, and Kanade suspecting her cookery club's president, Seika. As Hummy encounters the Minor Trio as they search for Siren, a Note is found and transformed into a Car Negatone. As Hibiki and Kanade have trouble fighting it, Muse shows herself once again, with her Fairy Tone partner, Dodory, teaching them how to separate their Belltiers, giving them a new technique to defeat the Negatone.
13 Mumumu~n! Seirēn to Hamī no Himitsu nya ♪
"Mumumu~n! Siren and Hummy's Secret-nya ♪"
Trio the Minor
Siren decides to leave the Minor Trio, denying accusations that she is Cure Muse, and runs into Hummy. When Siren runs off after Hibiki and Kanade protect her and Hummy from an angry cat, she leaves behind a note sheet. Hummy then explains the history of when she and Siren were best friends. When some other fairies tried to play a trick on Hummy during a singing contest, Siren helped Hummy out, allowing her to earn the chance to sing the Melody of Happiness. Siren becomes moved by Hummy's words of friendship. As the Minor Trio lead Hibiki and Kanade away, Mephisto uses his wily ways to put Siren back under his control, convincing her that it was Hummy's fault she lost the contest. She creates a Negatone from the music sheet which corners Hibiki and Kanade, but Cure Muse appears again, encouraging them to defeat it. After the battle, Hibiki, Kanade and Hummy must find a way to convince Siren back to her good self.
14 Awawawa~! Myūzu tai Myūzu, honmono wa docchi nya?
"Awawawa~! Muse VS Muse, Who is the Real Thing-nya?"
Siren 2011-05-15
As Siren comes up with an idea to take advantage of Cure Muse's appearance, Hibiki and Kanade continue to struggle in their hunt for Muse's identity, trying to lure her out with a radio broadcast, with Seika, who denies being Muse, meeting with them for comfort. Meanwhile, Muse allegedly calls out Hibiki and Kanade, but in reality, it is Siren who steals the girls' Cure Modules and throws them into the sea. However, they are saved by the real Muse, who reveals the fake. Siren creates a Seaweed Negatone to fight against Muse, whilst Hummy recovers the girl's modules so they can transform and work with Muse to defeat it.
15 Meromero~! Kanade no Rakkī Supūn nya ♪
"Meromero~! Kanade's Lucky Spoon-nya ♪"
Siren 2011-05-22
Ouji's birthday approaches and his friends ask Kanade to help with preparations for a party to be held at her family's cupcake cafe. Kanade hopes to prepare him a load of cupcakes to be eaten with a 'lucky spoon'. She becomes downhearted when she overhears Ouji talking about a 'princess', which she assumes is his girlfriend, but Hibiki and Hummy manage to cheer her up. On the day of the party, Siren intercepts Ouji and casts a spell on him to make him fall asleep, only to be found in a dubious position when Hibiki and Kanade arrive. Siren creates a Negatone out of one of the lucky spoons, causing the Pretty Cures to have bad luck. However, they manage to overcome their misfortune and defeat the Negatone. As Ouji wakes up, he shows a kind approach towards Siren, who runs off in embarrassment, before going to his party, where it's revealed his 'princess' was actually his pet dog.
16 Pinpo-n! Kōkan Sutei de Besuto Furendo nya ♪
"Pinpo-n! Best Friends by Switching Places-nya ♪"
Siren 2011-05-29
After Siren tricks Hibiki into getting another fight with Kanade, the two discover they have been entered into a 'Best Friends' tournament. Wanting them to make up, Hummy suggests that they each spend a day in each others shoes. As such, Hibiki spends some time with Kanade's family whilst Kanade's stays over at Hibiki's house, where she starts to understand some of Hibiki's loneliness when her busy parents aren't around. With the two making up with each other by the next morning, Siren attempts to spoil their friendship on the day of the contest by posing as Hibiki's mother, Maria, saying she shouldn't stay with Kanade. However, this is foiled when the real Maria shows up in the audience, having come from her overseas work to give Hibiki support as per Kanade's suggestion. Siren makes a Barometer Negatone which is too powerful for their normal attacks. Realizing they shouldn't rely on Muse to save them, Hibiki and Kanade combine their Belltiers to form the more powerful Belltier Cross Rods which manage to defeat the Negatone.
17 Ururun! Mama wa Itsudemo Kodomo no Mikata nano nya ♪
ウルルン! ママはいつでも子供の味方なのニャ♪
"Ururun! Mama is Always Her Child's Ally-nya ♪"
Siren 2011-06-05
Maria is invited to be a special guest at school. As Hibiki tries to spend some quality time with Maria before her flight back to France, Siren disguises herself as Hibiki and unleashes a Controller Negatone to spread the Melody of Sadness in order to turn the people against her. However, Maria manages to play a melody to bring everyone to their senses, giving Hibiki and Kanade the chance to transform and defeat the Negatone. Afterwards, Hibiki and Maria spend a little more time together, where Maria reveals her wish is to have the whole family perform on stage together. As Maria heads back to France, Hibiki desires to become a top pianist.
18 Fuwawa~n! Onpu Atsume mo Raku ja nai nya!
フワワ~ン! 音符集めも楽じゃないニャ!
"Fuwawa~n! Collecting Notes Isn't Easy-nya!"
Trio the Minor

As both Aphrodite and Mephisto contemplate going to the Human World, Hummy detects a large number of Notes around and orders Hibiki and Kanade to help catch them, despite the fact they can't see them themselves. Hummy soon helps make the Notes visible and the gang compete with each other to catch the most Notes. Meanwhile, Siren and the Minor Trio have their own Note-catching contest to decide who the leader will be. The two sides soon clash and a Negatone battle ensues, with Hibiki and Kanade getting pinned. However, they are saved when Otokichi plays the Melody of Happiness, allowing them to break free and defeat the Negatone. Afterwards, Cure Muse releases the Notes she recovered from the Minor gang, whilst Aphrodite and Mephisto change their minds.

19 Gunyagunya~! Purikyua ni Henshin Dekinai nya!
"Gunyagunya~! Can't Transform into Pretty Cure-nya!"
Trio the Minor

While reflecting on past battles, Siren comes up with a new plan to defeat the Pretty Cure. Siren captures Hummy in a bubble and impersonates her in front of Hibiki and Kanade. Kanade realizes Siren's identity right away because of her necklace, and her and Hibiki try to find a way to get Siren to lead them to the real Hummy. But Kanade and Hibiki disagree on ways to handle the situation. Siren ends up trapping them in different dimensions so they can't transform together, and releases a door Negatone to spread sorrow over the city. Cure Muse shows up and uses her power to stall for time, saying she is still not an ally to the Pretty Cure, but if a new Pretty Cure were to appear, then she would reconsider joining them. Hibiki and Kanade's feelings reach each other and they are able to break free of the dimensions. They transform, and even though they are still fighting, are able to defeat the Negatone. Hummy says that even though Siren keeps tricking her, she will always be Siren's friend, even though Siren thinks that friends can't be trusted.

20 Aaaa~♪ Seirēn, Saigo no Sakusen nya!
アアアア~♪ セイレーン、最後の作戦ニャ!
"Aaaa~♪ Siren's Last Strategy-nya!"
Trio the Minor
Siren announces a new plan to Mephisto, who gives her more evil noise. She appears before Hummy, claiming to have been kicked out by Mephisto, to which Hummy decides to help hide her, keeping it a secret from Hibiki and Kanade. Siren pretends to change sides, claiming she wants to sing the Melody of Happiness with Hummy, requiring a set of Notes and all the Fairy Tones. When Hibiki and Kanade confront Hummy after hearing about the situation from Ako and Souta, Hummy remains defiant that Siren can be trusted. Hummy and Siren run into the Minor Trio, who turn all the Notes Siren was carrying into a powerful Jar Negatone. As the PreCure struggle against the Negatone, Siren has the Notes inside it fight against each other to give the PreCure an opening to defeat it. Siren then reveals her true intentions, stealing the Fairy Tones and the Notes inside them and delivers them to Mephisto.
21 Dokkun! Kiseki no Purikyua Tanjō nya!!
ドックン! 奇跡のプリキュア誕生ニャ!!
"Dokkun! Birth of a Miracle Pretty Cure-nya!!"
Trio the Minor
Mephisto invades Kanon Town and sets up a stage to perform the Melody of Sorrow. Aphrodite speaks with Hibiki and Kanade, asking them to believe in Hummy. However, Hummy is kidnapped by Mephisto and is given headphones to amplify the Melody of Sorrow. As Hummy nonetheless expresses her words of friendship to Siren and sings, Siren remembers the good times she spent with her and is moved to tears. As Mephisto tortures Hummy with the Melody of Sorrow, Siren turns against him and tries to free the Notes, but Mephisto turns them into a Negatone. Hummy manages to free herself and the Fairy Tones, allowing the girls to transform. As Mephisto targets Hummy yet again, Siren calls out and transforms into a Pretty Cure and rescues her, whilst Hibiki and Kanade defeat the Negatone. Siren, however, is unable to take everything in and runs off.
22 Lala-♪ Tamashī no Shirabe, Sono na wa Kyua Bīto nya!!
ララー♪ 魂の調べ、その名はキュアビートニャ!!
"Lala-♪ The Soul's Tune, The Name's Cure Beat-nya!!"
Trio the Minor 2011-07-17
Everyone becomes curious as to how Siren became a Pretty Cure, especially Siren herself, who finds she can no longer transform into a cat or change her disguise. Left confused as to where to go, she winds up at the church where Mr. Otokichi gives her comfort. Hummy finds her, but she feels she doesn't deserve to be forgiven so easily. As Hummy follows her around, with Hibiki and Kanade also offering their friendship, they are approached by the Minor Trio who create a Tree Negatone. As the Pretty Cure run into trouble and Hummy is captured, Siren stands to protect and produces a Cure Module, allowing her to transform into the Pretty Cure, Cure Beat. Using her new abilities, she rescues Hummy and defeats the Negatone. After the battle though, Siren is still unable to forgive herself and runs off again.
23 Zazā-n! Namida wa Sekai de Ichiban Chīsana Umi nya
ザザーン! 涙は世界で一番ちいさな海ニャ
"Zaza-n! A Tear is the World's Smallest Ocean-nya"
Trio the Minor 2011-07-24

Siren, now known as Ellen, continues to reject Hibiki and Kanade's offer of friendship as she is still unable to forgive herself. She encounters a boy named Mamoru who is hiding from his father. He explains that he ran off with his bag after hearing he was going to work abroad for a year. As Hibiki and Kanade have conflicting ideals to Ellen, they go to search for the father whilst Ellen leaves with Mamoru. Mamoru soon discovers a stuffed animal inside the bag that his father made him and decides he wants to return, helping Ellen realise she's not alone as well. However, just as father and son are reunited, Bassdrum spots a Note inside the doll and creates a Negatone from it. As Bassdrum tries to waver Ellen's feelings, Hummy helps her build up the courage to join in the fight as a Pretty Cure. After defeating the Negatone, Ellen overcomes her worries and officially joins the Pretty Cures.

24 Sansan! Osuna no Hamī de Yūjou no Kansei nya!
"Sansan! Sealed Friendship with Sand Hummy-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-07-31
Hibiki and Kanade decide to take Ellen to the beach, where the Lucky Spoon is holding a sand art contest. After some confusion over what to build, they inadvertently end up with Hummy as their model. As Ellen tries to understand the meaning of friendship, she has trouble getting round to calling Hibiki and Kanade by their names. When Ellen accidentally ruins the Sand Hummy they built, Hibiki and Kanade reassure her that it won't ruin their friendship. Just as they finish rebuilding their Sand Hummy, Trio the Minor appear and transform it into a Negatone. Defending the other competitors' sand arts, Ellen honors her friendship and works with the other girls to beat the Negatone. Despite not winning the contest, Ellen admits she had fun.
25 Hyu~doro~! Eren no Jyakuten mi~Tsuketa nya!
"Hyu~doro~! We Found~ Ellen's Weakness-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-08-07
A summer festival is being held at Hibiki and Kanade's school, where Ellen's fear of ghosts come to light. Feeling she is being bullied by Hibiki and Kanade, Ellen runs off and encounters Ouji, who helps ease her worries. When Ellen goes to search for the others, she encounters the Minor Trio who dress up as monsters and pretend to be Hibiki and Kanade in an attempt to break her trust in them. Bassdrum then uses this opportunity to create a Negatone from a monster costume and steal Hibiki and Kanade's Cure Modules. However, Ellen is not fooled by Bassdrum's plan and retrieves the Modules so she and her friends can transform together and fight the Negatone. Though Ellen is still afraid of monsters, she overcomes that fear in order to protect Hibiki and Kanade and beat the Negatone. Afterwards, Ellen decides to go through the haunted house, saying she has nothing to fear if her friends are by her side.
26 Pipopapo♪ Fearī Tōn no Daibōken nya ♪
"Pipopapo♪ The Fairy Tones' Big Adventure-nya ♪"
Trio the Minor 2011-08-14

Mephisto uses evil noise to power up the Minor Trio in order to help them find Notes before Hibiki and co. can find them. With their new powers, the Trio kidnap the Fairy Tones, Dory, Rery and Lary, which allow the Pretty Cures to transform. As they create a Fan Negatone, Tiry goes to rescue the other tones but gets captured herself. As Hummy and the other Tones manage to help save Tiry, the Pretty Cures struggle against the combined power of the Negatone and the Minor Trio, but thanks to Sory's power, they manage to defeat the Negatone. However, the Minor Trio manage to escape with a good deal of Notes that they stole from the Fairy Tones. As Hibiki makes a vow to not let the Melody of Sorrow be completed, she hears a mysterious voice.

27 Kachikkachi! Sanjuppun de Sekai wo Sukuu nya!
"Kachikkachi! Save the World in 30 Minutes-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-08-21

At 8:30am one day, Hibiki and friends are all preparing to go on a hiking trip taking place in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the Minor Trio have a plan involving a radio tower, so Ellen decides to follow them. Meanwhile, Hibiki begins to hear the mysterious voice again, before she and Kanade are informed by Hummy about what Ellen has seen. As the Minor Trio manage to ensnare Ellen as she finds them, they create a Negatone from the radio tower's antenna, hoping to use its properties to spread the Melody of Sorrow across the world. However, the Pretty Cure manage to arrive in time and defeat it, barely making it back home in time for the hiking trip.

28 Dokidoki! Eren Hajimete no Gakkō Seikatsu nya!
"Dokidoki! Ellen's First Experience of School Life-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-08-28

As Summer comes to a close, Ellen decides that she wants to attend school with Hibiki and Kanade, later getting admitted thanks to Otokichi. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tones attempt to retrieve the Notes that the Minor Trio stole from them, despite being exhausted. Hibiki and Kanade give Ellen some tips for her first day of school, though she ends up taking some of them too seriously and faints after spending all night practicing, though she awakens to find she has made many new friends. Just then, the Minor Trio create a First Aid Kit Negatone, and the Fairy Tones are too weak to save the Cures, who are instead aided by Cure Muse. After the battle, as the Fairy Tones confess about their Notes being stolen, Hibiki once again hears the voice, revealed to be that of the Crescendo Tone, who instructs her and the others to come to Major Land in order to help the Fairy Tones.

29 Harahara! Meijā Rando de Takara Sagashi nya ♪
ハラハラ! メイジャーランドで宝探しニャ♪
"Harahara! Treasure Hunting in Major Land-nya ♪"
Golem 2011-09-04

Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Hummy travel to Major Land where they meet Aphrodite. She tells them to go to the dark forest to seek out the Healing Chest, where the Crescendo Tone lies, giving them some of her power so they can transform. As they reach the forest entrance, they are sucked in and separated, each coming face to face with a stone golem. Just as they manage to fight back, they are forced to listen to Evil Noise, but Hibiki's words of friendship helps break them free and reunite them. The three golems merge into one and hold Hummy and the Fairy Tones hostage, but the Cures manage to combine their resolve and defeat the golem. Afterwards, they find the Healing Chest and the Crescendo Tone, who heals the Fairy Tones, taking it back with them.

30 Wao-n! Hīringu Chesuto no Fushigi nya!
"Wao-n! The Healing Chest's Mystery -nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-09-11
The Minor Trio learn about the Healing Chest and decide to investigate. Meanwhile, as Hibiki becomes downhearted after failing an English exam, mysterious musical incidents begin to occur around her. Upon returning to the church, the girls learn that Otokichi and the Crescendo Tone know each other, the latter revealing that the musical incidents were her way of cheering Hibiki up. Just then, the Minor Trio create a Negatone from Hibiki's exam paper, which puts the Cures into a English test, attacking Hibiki for every question she gets wrong. The Crescendo Tone almost gives Hibiki a new power, but it fails, though the Cures do manage to defeat the Negatone.
31 Wantsu-! Purikyua Kyanpu de Pawā Appu nya!
"Wantsu-! Power-Up at Pretty Cure Camp-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-09-18
Whilst trying to figure out how to become capable of accepting Crescendo Tone's power, Hibiki suggests to the others that they hold a PreCure camp in order to become stronger. Although their individual training ideas don't particular seem to fair well, they do improve their harmony. The next day, Hibiki comes to learn that their power is the greatest whilst working as a team, working together to climb a mountain. Afterwards, they learn the Minor Trio has created a Steamroller Negatone to cause havoc in the city. With their Harmony Power increased thanks to their training, the Cures become able to use the Healing Chest's power, allowing them to use their new move, the Suite Session Ensemble, to defeat the Negatone.
32 Orooro~! Hīringu Chesuto ga Nusumareta nya!
"Orooro~! The Healing Chest Got Stolen-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-09-25
As Cure Muse seems concerned about the Pretty Cure's new power, Hibiki and the others participate in a flea market. Their stand attracts a lot of attention thanks to Hummy and the Healing Chest. The Minor Trio crash the market and steal the Healing Chest, though as they make their escape, Muse takes it an replaces it with a fake. As the Crescendo Tone talks to Muse, telling her about the day when she can remove her mask, the Trio create a Negatone a girl bought from their stand. As the Pretty Cure prepare to defeat it, the girl stands in their way, but they manage to get her to believe in them so they can return her doll to normal. After the battle, Muse gives the Healing Chest to Ako to return to the girls.
33 Howawa~n! Minna no Yume wa Purikyua no Chikara nya!
"Howawa~n! Everyone's Dreams are Pretty Cure's Power-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-10-02
Hibiki becomes worried when she asked by Dan to participate in a Piano Concoure, despite support from her friends. Meanwhile, Kanade is preparing for a Sweet Concoure whilst Ellen contemplates what her dream is. On the day of the concoure, Kanade gives Hibiki a special cupcake, saying her dream is to make people smile, encouraging Hibiki to aim for the same dream. As the Minor Trio create a Trumpet Negatone outside, Ellen stands alone to stop them interrupting Hibiki and Kanade's concoures. After finishing their concoures, Hibiki and Kanade return to assist Ellen in defeating the Negatone. After the concoure is finished, Hibiki asks Dan to teach her piano like he used to. As Muse continues to feel concerned, Mephisto decides to go to the human world.
34 Zudodo~n! Mefisuto ga Yatte Kichatta nya!
"Zudodo~n! Mephisto is Finally Here-nya!"
Mephisto 2011-10-09
As Mephisto arrives in the human world, Hibiki and the others try to figure out what Muse's motives are whilst Ako helps a kitten stuck in a tree. Mephisto makes his move, creating a large Negatone in the middle of the city. As the Pretty Cute struggle against it, Muse arrives to protect them. As Mephisto starts to attack Muse, the Pretty Cure resolve to protect her. However, as they launch their attack at Mephisto, Muse protects him, inadvertently allowing him to steal all the Notes from the Fairy Tones and escape.
35 Jyakīn! Tsui ni Myūzu ga Kamen wo Totta nya!
"Jyakin! Finally, Muse Takes Off Her Mask-nya!"
Mephisto 2011-10-16
Despite having a lot of Notes, Mephisto finds he needs more to complete the Melody of Sorrow. As Hibiki and the others ask the Crescendo Tone what Muse's motives are, she tells them to think about what a Pretty Cure fights for, with Otokichi telling Dodory something similar. Mephisto creates a Piper Negatone to lure in other Notes and make it stronger, leaving Muse conflicted over what she should do. As the Pretty Cure fight the Negatone, Ellen notices the headphones on Mephisto were the same used to brainwash her, leading them to the conclusion that someone above Mephisto is brainwashing him. Though the Pretty Cure defeat the Negatone, Mephisto uses the Notes to power himself. Acknowledging the girl's desire to free Mephisto from his evil heart, Muse unmasks herself, revealing herself to be Ako, who is actually Mephisto's daughter. As Ako tries to plea to Mephisto to return to normal, the evil noise proves too much and he is forced to retreat.
36 Kirakiran! Kokoro ni Todoke, Myūzu no Omoi Nya!
"Kirakira~n! Let Muse's Thoughts Reach His Heart Nya!"
Mephisto 2011-10-23
It is revealed that Ako is also Aphrodite's daughter, Otokichi's granddaughter and the princess of Major Land. Ako explains how Mephisto once entered the Dark Forest to search for the Healing Chest, but came out evil. When she learned about Mephisto stealing the Legendary Score, she gained the power to become Cure Muse and took on her masked identity. Meanwhile, as Mephisto tries to remember his past, the evil noise takes control of him again and he comes to the human world again to face the Pretty Cure. As Mephisto's evil power proves too much for Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen, Aphrodite appears before him, encouraging Ako to transform and join the fight. Ako is reluctant to fight, but the other Cures convince her to fight to return Mephisto's heart to normal. She lands a resounding hit to his heart, which helps him realise who he is and returns him to his normal self. As the Minor Trio takes charge of completing the Melody of Sorrow, it is revealed the name of their true enemy is Noise.
37 Wakuwaku! Harowin de Minna Henshin nya!
"Wakuwaku! Everyone Transform During Halloween-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-10-30
Falsetto takes lead of the Minor Trio and transforms Bassdrum and Baritone into new monstrous forms. Meanwhile, Otokichi tells the girls how he once battled Noise and was able to seal away his power, but fears the power of the Melody of Sorrow may awaken him. Ako decides to stay in the human world to help the Pretty Cure defend it. Later, the town has a Halloween festival, and despite having some trouble getting into the mood, Ako soon comes to enjoy it. Soon though, Falsetto appears and creates a Pumpkin Negatone, which Ako is determined to fight on her own before being reminded that she no longer has to. Falsetto's Melody of Sorrow manages to overwhelm Crescendo Tone's power, but the Pretty Cure manage to distract him whilst Ako defeats the Negatone. However, it seems Noise has broken free of its fossil.
38 Pachipachipachi♪ Fushigina deai ga Aratana Hajimari nya!
"Pachipachipachi♪ A Curious Meeting Marks a New Beginning-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-11-13
As Ako makes preparations for Otokichi's birthday, rejecting the idea of singing for him, she discovers a srange looking bird, treating its injuries and naming it Pii. As Souta questions Ako about why she doesn't want to sing, Falsetto appears , creating a Negatone from a music box she got from her parents and taking Souta as a hostage. As Ako gathers her resolve to protect her newfound family, the other Cures back her up, and together they are able to rescue Souta and defeat the Negatone. Afterwards, they celebrate Otokichi's birthday where Ako decides to sing for him.
39 Fugyā! Onpu ga ze-nbu kiechatta nya!!
"Fugyaa! All the Notes have Disappeared-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-11-20
Hummy wakes up one day to find all the Notes have disappeared from the Fairy Tones. The girls get Otokichi to play his organ to attract more Notes so they can catch them. However, the Minor Trio arrive, creating a Soccer Ball Negatone and stealing the Notes they gathered. Using teamwork, the Cures manage to defeat the Negatone and recover the Notes. However, Pii is shown to contain the power of Noise, stealing all the Notes inside the Fairy Tones without them noticing.
40 Rururu~! Amaoto wa Megami no Shirabe nya!
"Rururu~! The Sound of the Rain is the Goddess' Tune-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-11-27
As the girls wonder about the whereabouts of Noise, they arrive at the Shirabe House just in time to save Otokichi from a falling piece of wreckage caused by Pii. Otokichi suspects Pii of actually being Noise, which is proven to be true thanks to Hibiki. Just then, the Minor Trio arrive and create a Piano Negatone, which the Cures manage to defeat.
41 Fafa ~ Saigo no Onpu wa Zettai Watasanai nya!
ファファ~ 最後の音符はぜったい渡さないニャ!
"Fafa~ We'll Never Hand Over the Last Note-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-12-04
Falsetto discovers that the final Note they need to complete the Melody of Sorrow is inside the Fairy Tone, Fary, so he sends Bassdrum and Baritone to find it. As the girls learn of this plan and need to protect Fary from the trio, Hibiki comes up with the idea to put on a movie based around Fary, getting help from the townfolk and creating various fake Farys to throw off the trio. Fary's overconfidence inevitably leads her to get captured, but the townfolk help to rescue her. However, Falsetto creates a Negatone from the Note inside her using all the fake Farys, with the real Fary trapped inside. Working together, the Cures manage to rescue Fary and defeat the Negatone, but Noise manages to steal the Note just as they try to retrieve it, allowing Falsetto to complete the Melody of Sorrow.
42 Pikonpikon! Nerawareta Kyua Mojuure nya!
"Pikonpikon! The Cure Module is being Targeted-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-12-11
Both the girls and the Minor Trio learn that as long as the girls have the Heart Tone Keys inside their Cure Modules, the Melody of Sorrow can't be completed. After Bassdrum and Baritone's less than stellar plans fail, Falsetto uses Noise's power to take control of Waon and Seika in order to steal the Cure Modules from the girls. However, these turn out to be fakes that Ako had prepared in secret. As Falsetto orders Waon and Seika to take the real Cure Modules, they fight off Noise's hold and fall unconscious, scattering the Cure Modules. When Bassdrum and Baritone touch them, they return to their human forms and decide to return the Cure Modules to the girls as gratitude. However, they are put into Noise's control and transformed again. The Cures attempt to purify the evil with Crescendo Tone's power, but Noise's power stops them.
43 Shiku Shiku... Fukō no Merodi ga Kansei Shichatta Nya!
"Shiku shiku... The Melody of Sadness is Complete-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-12-18
The Minor Trio infiltrate Major Land and capture Aphrodite, demanding the Cure Modules in exchange for her safety. The girls travel to Major Land to confront Falsetto and get the chance to transform after Mephisto helps rescue Aphrodite. As Mephisto fights off Bassdrum and Baritone, who are powered up by Noise's power, the Cures fight against Falsetto who proves unphased by their attacks. In order to return Bassdrum and Baritone to normal, Mephisto takes their Noise power into himself and puts his own life at risk in order to destroy it. As Bassdrum and Baritone receive great injury protecting Aphrodite from Falsetto's attack, the girls can't bear it anymore and surrender their Heart Tone Keys, completing the Melody of Sorrow.
44 DoReRaDo♪ Seinaru Yoru ni Umareta Kiseki nya!
ドレラド~♪ 聖なる夜に生まれた奇跡ニャ!
"DoReLaDo~♪ The Miracle Born in the Holy Night-nya!"
As the girls, who are no longer able to transform, become curious as to why the Melody of Sorrow hasn't been sung yet, Otokichi announces the completion of his pipe organ, ready for a concert on Christmas Day. On the day of the concert however, Falsetto arrives to sing the Melody of Sorrow, with Otokichi's efforts of stopping it thwarted by Noise, who evolves into his true form, turns all of Kanon Town's inhabitants into stone and creates a Negatone from the Legendary Score to attack the girls before escaping to attack Major Land. As Otokichi strives to protect the girls, Hibiki notices the sorrow withing the Legendary Score and expresses her own feelings. As the others back her up, their feelings reach the Legendary Score, who returns their Heart Tone Keys, allowing them to transform and defeat the Negatone, returning the score to its original state. Using the Shirabe House as an airship, the Cures and Otokichi travel to Major Land to stop Noise.
45 Vo~n♪ Noizu no Suki ni wa Sasenai nya!
"Vo~n♪ We Won't Let Noise Have His Way-nya!"
As Noise launches his attack on Major Land, Aphrodite holds off his attack until the Cures arrive. As the Cures struggle to fight against Noise, Otokichi arrives with his organ to provide a chance to seal him. However, the Notes Noise had managed to absorb allows him to overpower the sealing technique and he seals Otokichi away. As Noise attempts to seal away Crescendo Tone as well, the Cures power up and manage to severely damage Noise, but are interrupted by Falsetto. Noise attempts to seal the Cures away, but Crescendo Tone rescues them and is sealed away instead.
46 Zugoon! Purikyua Saigo no Tatakai nya!
"Zugoon! The Pretty Cures' Last Battle-nya!"
Noise 2012-01-15
Noise absorbs Falsetto after becoming irritated by him, allowing him to regain his strength and return to face the Cures, who are reinvigoured by Hibiki's words. Noise attempts to absorb Hibiki, but she is saved by the arrival of Bassdrum and Baritone, who are absorbed instead, causing him to change into a more powerful form. Despite the Cures' best efforts, they are overpowered by Noise. Aphrodite and the remaining citizens of Major Land choose to play a melody before Noise turns them all into stone. With the land shrouded in silence, the Fairy Tones remind the Cures that as long as they have even the smallest of music, they have hope.
47 Pikān! Minna de Kanaderu Kibō no Kumikyoku nya!
"Pikaan! Everyone's Medley of Hope!"
Noise 2012-01-22
As Noise confronts the Cures, he reveals he was created from the sorrow of humans. Hibiki senses that Noise is suffering himself, refusing to fight against him. As Noise attempts to absorb Hibiki, Hummy jumps inside him with the Legendary Score and sings a newly written melody in a bid to purify the Notes within him, encouraging the girls to transform and fight again and try and reach Noise's feelings. As the girl's desire to see Noise smile and Hummy's determination peak, the Fairy Tones combine into a new Crescendo Tone, which grants the Cures Crescendo forms. Together the girls manage to combine their powers and purify Noise, who smiles before disappearing.
48 Rarara~♪ Sekai ni Hibike, Shiawase no Merodi nya!
"Lalala~♪ Resound Throughout the World, Melody of Happiness-nya!"
None 2012-01-29
Following Noise's defeat, Hummy manages to return all the Notes to the Legendary Score, but falls unconscious afterwards. As Hibiki gets Ellen to play a song to try and wake up Hummy, they and the others find themselves in Hummy's dream world, but Hummy doesn't seem able to see them. The girls manage to get Hummy's attention by singing together and she eventually manages to wake up. With all the preparations made, Hummy sings the Melody of Happiness, restoring music to Major Land and freeing everyone from their stone prisons. Upon returning to Kanon Town, the girls find a newly born Noise chick, reborn from happiness. With all right in their town, the girls look forward to a future filled with music. Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako toward to face for the new future.