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Pretty Cure! Open My Heart! Infinity Silhouette
830px-Heartcatch Pretty Cure Super Silhouette

Super Silhouette

The Super Silhouette (スーパーシルエット Sūpā Shiruetto?) is the upgraded form of Pretty Cure in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. They change into this form by using the Heartcatch Mirage and the Super Pretty Cure Seed. In this form Pretty Cure can perform the group finisher, Heartcatch Orchestra.


The Cures outfit becomes pure white while gaining accents of her theme color in a much paler shade. The skirt, shoes, and gloves grow in length and gain pointier details, and on her back is a pair of rainbow gradient glowing wings in the shape of hearts. The hair accessory also changes for each cure; Blossom gains a pale pink bow with a large pink heart-shaped gem, Marine's ribbon grows in length and the pearls change into a mini tiara with a dark blue gem, Sunshine's bows turn white and she gains a tiara with an orange heart gem, and Moonlight gains a matching ornament worn to the side with a purple gem heart.




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