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Suzumura Sango (涼村さんご?) is one of the five main Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.

Sango's alter ego is Cure Coral (キュアコーラル?), and her charm point is her cheeks.



Sango is a teenager with light brown eyes and dark purple hair worn in two low pigtails held by pink bows along with yellow and green clips on the left side of her head and fuchsia ribbons on the right.

She wears a pastel purple blouse with a white lace collar and bows on the sleeves, an indigo skirt with lilac ruffles and a yellow ribbon tied around the waist, and a pair of purple sandals with white socks and pink bows on the toe. She also wears the purple Heart Kuru Ring on her left middle finger.

As Cure Coral, her eyes gain turquoise hearts. Her hair turns light purple and grows long, worn like her civilian form, but held by pink and yellow ribbons. She also has pink hearts on her cheeks. On her head is a white sailor hat with an indigo and blue bow and a pink coral-shaped shell in the middle of the bow. On the right of her head is a clip with yellow and pink pearls. Her dress is lilac with a low sailor collar, white crisscrossed ribbons and a wide purple skirt with a short blue cape and pale purple ruffles. The sailor collar is held with a purple seashell brooch. On her left hip is the carrying case for her Tropical Pact accented with a yellow ribbon. She wears white knee high socks and purple platform heels with ruffled yellow anklets. Her accessories include a purple v-shaped choker, white fingerless gloves with a heart cutout and purple bands, and yellow bow-shaped earrings.

In her Excellen-Tropical Style, her hair grows longer and thickens with sky blue ribbons appearing at the top of her pigtails. Her hat now covers her entire head, with two small ribbons with coral shells on each side and pale yellow ruffles on the ribbons and the bottom of hat's rim. Her collar turns white with purple and white ribbons around it and a matching bow in the front. Her skirt lengthens and turns white, opening up to reveal indigo, purple, and light purple layers with a light pink one at the bottom. On her waist is a band of sky blue pearls. Her choker turns white and purple with a purple gem hanging from it. Her gloves turn into frilly white wristbands with purple bands around the wrist and she is now barefoot with purple bands around her ankles with white ruffles lining the ends.

In her Snow Crystal Tropical Style, her outfit contains elements of Cure Marine's Super Silhouette form. Her hair grows longer and the coral shell on her hat turns into a small gold tiara with a light purple heart in the middle and light blue ribbons on each side. She gains puffy sleeves similar to Cure Marine's. Her dress turns light purple with her skirt sharpening and the top and bottom layers longer. On top of it is a short white and light blue skirt with sharp petals and blue and purple ribbons on each side. She gains a light purple bow and a pale blue jabot decorating her brooch. The ruffles on her gloves grow longer while long light blue ruffles cover the tops of her boots. On her back is a pair of heart-shaped rainbow wings.


Sango is a stylish 1st year middle school student who loves cute things. She's very kind and can get along with anyone. Her family owns a beauty parlor, so she knows a lot about make up and cosmetics. Despite her kindness, she lacks self confidence and usually just goes with the flow, but gradually learns to believe in herself.


  • Natsuumi Manatsu: Sango and Manatsu are classmates, and they quickly become friends after recognizing each other on their first day of school.
  • Laura: Sango was initially surprised to meet Laura who is a mermaid, but she soon comes to like Laura and becomes friends with her.


Suzumura (涼村?): Suzu (?) means "refreshing" [1], while Mura (?) means "village" [2].

Sango (さんご?) means "coral" when written as 珊瑚 [3].

Cure Coral is a hard substance formed from the bones of very small sea animals [4].


Meeting Laura and Becoming Cure Coral

Sometime after befriending Manatsu, Sango joins her and three of their classmates on a shopping trip. When she gets lost during their visit to the aquarium, she meets Laura who is enjoying herself at the outdoor pool. Although she finds Laura adorable, she is upset that she is unable to voice out her own opinion to her classmates when they all believe that mermaids have funny faces.

At school, Sango decides to accompany Manatsu to eat together, and admits that she is envious of Manatsu not hesitating to do what she wants, because according to her experience of picking a tulip bulb in kindergarten, she doesn't like standing out. She later meets Laura again, and is told by Laura to believe in her own cuteness, though she does not really understand and does not consider herself qualified to become a Cure. However, after school, she watches how Manatsu rushes to the park instead of escaping, and when she follows her, she realizes Manatsu, who she recognizes as Cure Summer, is bravely fighting Chongire's Yaraneeda. She finally musters up her courage, and receiving her own Tropical Pact, she transforms into Cure Coral for the first time.TRPC03

Being A Model

When Sango is about to go to school, she sees the designer Koni talking to her mother who immediately asks Sango to be a model for the Aozora Pretty Collection fashion show. At first, Sango trains diligently for her position as a model, but she gets stage fright during rehearsals. When she sees how the other models choose to help with the balloons despite the time shortage, she realizes it's about embracing the cuteness they like.

During the battle, Numeri tries to discourage Sango, but she ignores Numeri's words and gains the confidence to counter the Chou Zettai Yaraneeda. After defeating the Yaraneeda, the fashion show resumes and Sango is glad that she's able to make everyone happy by delivering cuteness. TRPC32

Figuring her Real Likes

After learning that the actress Yuna is promoting a model audition, Sango becomes interested and wants to participate in it. Later when she and Manatsu are at the beach after school, she admits that she has applied for the audition, which Manatsu fully supports, and as they talk about how Asuka is feeling happy with her dream, Sango believes that it's because Asuka has embarked on the path she wants according to Sango's mother Miyuki, and that she wants to be in the audition to see if her passion for makeup suits her potential future career.

After being accepted for the audition, Sango is preparing herself in the dressing room with other competitors, when she spots another competitor feeling discouraged and nervous, so she decides to help. However, some of the girls she helped still fail to pass. Later, Yuna has a moment with her, thanking her for helping her with the movie and believing that she can take the step and pass the final interview, as well as honestly telling Sango she enjoys being an actress herself. However, Sango later decides to give up her chance to assist her friends with her barrier on defeating a sea cucumber Yaraneeda, and during the battle, she realizes that what she truly likes is to spread the cuteness she like to others.

After she decides to drop out of the audition, Laura thinks that she has wasted her opportunity, but Sango honestly tells Laura and the others that she actually has figured out that she would rather share her cuteness than simply being on the stage. With that being said, her friends support her decision, and they proceed to prepare for the club's graduation festival, with Sango surprisingly taking Manatsu's catchphrase.TRPC39


Upon learning that Laura is going to leave, Sango is initially upset, but comes to accept Laura's decision. After the play and Laura's identity reveal, she and the others say farewell to Laura. Due to the effects of the memory erasing machine, she loses her memories that are related to Laura. However, she regains them after the Mermaid Aqua Pot overloads the machine.

She is last seen learning to become a better makeup artist under her mother's guidance. She is also seen reuniting with Laura again. TRPC46

Cure Coral

Cure Coral

Glittering Jewels! Cure Coral!
Kirameku Hōseki! Kyua Kōraru!

Cure Coral (キュアコーラル?) is Sango's Pretty Cure alias. In order to transform, she needs her Tropical Pact and Heart Kuru Ring. She has the ability to create an X-shaped shield by closing her eyes and crossing her index fingers.


The transformation starts with Sango's Tropical Pact appearing. She then holds the pact while removing her Heart Kuru Ring, inserting it into the lock and turning it. The pact opens up, revealing her reflection. Then Sango takes the brush and shouts "Let's make up! Bling!" before touching the center of the pact with it, causing it to glow. She then shouts "Lips!" as she applies lipstick. She taps the middle of the pact again and shouts "Eyes!", giving her pink eyeshadow and adding turquoise heart-shaped flecks to her eyes. She taps it again and shouts "Hair!" as her hair grows and turns light purple with giant bows. She once again taps it and shouts "Cheeks!", pressing the brush against her cheeks and causing tiny hearts to appear on each one. She taps the middle one more time and shouts "Dress!" as she draws a yellow clover with the brush, which splits into six clovers. Each of the clovers strike her body, making parts of her outfit appear. First are her shoes, followed by her gloves, then her choker, earrings, dress bodice, skirt, and hat. A pouch for her Tropical Pact appears on the left, dropping in. With the transformation complete, Coral gently lands on the water and starts to jump on it, spinning and smiling before announcing her name and striking her final pose.



Sango's voice actor, Hanamori Yumiri has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Fairouz Ai, who voices Natsuumi Manatsu, Ishikawa Yui, who voices Ichinose Minori, Seto Asami who voices Takizawa Asuka, and Hidaka Rina, who voices Laura.

Group Songs


  • Sango's birthday is on May 9th, making her Zodiac sign Taurus.
  • Sango's favorite things are collecting cute things and make up.
  • Sango shares her voice actress with several of the Element Spirits from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.
  • An interview from Animage revealed that Sango's personality is a bit toned down compared to the other girls, but she is also the closest to the audience because she is the normal one. She has a role in being an audience surrogate, but her personal charm points will also be highlighted throughout the show.
    • In the Animage January 2022 issue, it was revealed that the kanji for "Suzu" in Sango's surname was originally going to be 鈴, as it looked cute and Sango as a character loves cute things. However, the staff changed it to 涼 because they wanted to match the show's ocean theme and give her a name with a water radical.
      • The same 2022 issue also revealed that Sango was written to be a city girl that Manatsu can look up to, which contributes to her fashionable personality.
        • Nakatani Yukiko also admitted that she gave Coral many hearts because she's the "leader of cute". She also looked at fashion magazines for teenagers to get inspiration for Sango's civilian design.
  • Episode 13 revealed that Sango is afraid of bugs.


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