FPC32-Tarte & Chiffon land in the Land of Sweets

Sweets Kingdom

The Sweets Kingdom (スウィーツ王国?) is the home place of Tarte and Chiffon in Fresh Pretty Cure!. The Sweets Kingdom first appeared in episode 01 when the elder released the legendary keys that once belonged to the Pretty Cures. Later, in episode 32, Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna visited the Sweets Kingdom to obtain the Clover Box.

Known Places

The Sweets Kingdom was built on a large meadow with some round hills. On top of one of these hills, the royal castle and some towns are built. The royal castle is the home of King Waffle, Tarte's father, and Azukina. Furhter places that were shown in episode 32, was the small town were the elder resides.

Mushy Bean Woods

During the Kingdom's first debut in episode one, the one spot shown by Tiramisu was the legendary shrine of the Pretty Cures, where the Pickruns have dwelled until the legendary power was needed to stop Labyrinth. This Pretty Cure shrine is located within the Mushy Bean Woods, which was haunted by the evil Mochi Spirit.


  • The Sweets Kingdom is completely inhabited by ferret-like fairies. The only known expectations are Chiffon, Azukina and Tiramisu.
  • Sweets Kingdom is the first world in the franchise to be mostly left untouched, as most worlds in other seasons get attacked by the villains.


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