Sweet Pact Gallery
Sweets Pact (スイーツパクト Suītsu Pakuto?) are the official transformation items used by the Cures in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. To activate the transformation, the girls need to shout out the phrase, "Cure La Mode・Decoration!".


The pact resembles a cake, with the pale pink bottom accented by diamond studs and frosting shapes to match those on the top. The two pieces attach by a piece on the back adorned with three stars. The lid is white with a dome shape with a frosting border. In the center is a gold medallion with a cake drawn on it, surrounded by stars and frosting border. Swirls of color adorn the lid, separated inches apart and coming in mint, sky blue, purple, violet, pink, orange, and pale yellow. To open the pact is a garnet in the shape of a star.

The inside of the pact is adorned with a frosting and star motif.  It has two pale pink stars for buttons and six smaller stars coming in pink, red, yellow, mint, sky blue, and purple.

To use the pact, the user gains a small, pale pink mixing spoon-like pen.


The main use of the item is to transform into Pretty Cures to fight the forces of evil. It can also be used to draw out whipped cream to restrain the enemy.


  • This is the third item in Pretty Cure to have the word Pact in it after Rose Pact and Smile Pact.


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