FPC01 Eas Appears

Eas after using Switch Over.

Switch Over (スイッチオーバー Suitchi ōbā?) is the incantation that the villains from Fresh Pretty Cure! use to switch from a Labyrinth citizen to a normal human, or vice versa.


In order to perform it, the Labyrinth citizen puts their hands in front of their face, palms together with fingers curled, and turns them one time, yelling "Switch Over!". They then spread their arms, while turning into a human/Labyrinth citizen. When turning into a villain, they do their speech, introducing themselves, and telling all people they serve Moebius.


The human and Labyrinth form have some major differences.

Eas - Her Labyrinth form has silver hair, a black headband and a red and black dress with her signature card in the middle. When transforming into a human, her hair turns dark purple. In the first half of the season, she can be seen wearing a white and lilac dress with a big white hat. In the second half, she wears a red shirt and black pants, but she isn't able to use Switch Over anymore.

Westar - His Labyrinth form has green hair, and he wears a black and yellow suit, shoulder pads with a cape, and his signature card on his belt. When transforming into a human, he has blonde hair. He wears a black shirt, with a sleeveless, yellow vest over it, and light blue pants.

Soular - His Labyrinth form has silver hair, and he wears a black and green shirt, black and green pants, spiky shoulder pads, and a two-parted cape. His signature card is on his belt. When transforming into a human, he has black hair tied into a ponytail, wears a dark blue shirt, a white vest, and purple pants.

Northa - Her Labyrinth form has plant like features. She has light blue hair, who have vines at the side. She wears a black dress, with a tint of gold, shoulder pads, and her arms are covered in vines. When transforming into a human, she has sleek, black hair. She wears a 3-layered dress, the first layer being dark purple, the second layer lilac, and the last one black. She has gold shoulder pads, who have purple vines decorated on it.

Soular and Westar - In episode 35, they transformed together. They both put one hand together, like a fist bump, but with their hands flat instead of in fists. They yell "Switch Over", spread their arms, and transform. Their outfits remain the same.

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