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Commencement! The Name: Tropical Club! (今はじまる!その名は、トロピカる部! Ima Hajimaru! Sono Na wa, Toropikaru Bu!?) is the 6th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 833rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls have found an empty room and finally formed a club! First up, they got to figure out what their club does, however, their ideas keep getting rejected by the student council president... But then four graduates of Aozora Middle School arrive, looking for something they hid 10 years ago...

Major Events

  • All four Cures transform as a group for the first time.
  • Elda appears for the first time.
  • The Tropical Club has been named an official club by the student council president.



Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Motivation Color announced before the ending is Ocean Blue in the original airing, and Tropical Pink in the Crunchyroll version.
  • This episode's Yaraneeda was not summoned by any of the Witch of Delays' servants, with the orb used to summon it was found inside the penguin's basket, turning it into one.
  • Each graduate contains the word for a season in their names: Haruna (spring), Akiho (autumn), Mifuyu (winter) and Natsuo (summer).
    • All of them also share some similarities with the Cures: Haruna wears pink like Manatsu, Mifuyu wears purple like Sango, Akiho is the shortest and wears yellow like Minori, and Natsuo is the tallest and has sharp eyes like Asuka.


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Episode Preview


トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第6話予告 「今はじまる! その名は、トロピカる部!」

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