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Stack Up On Motivation! Pretty Cure! Mix Tropical!! (やる気重ねて!プリキュア!ミックストロピカル!! Yaruki Kasanete! Purikyua! Mikkusu Toropikaru!!?) is the 10th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 837th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With midterm exams approaching, Manatsu is having trouble studying even though her quiz results were really bad. Then, Manatsu's Motivation Power is stolen by the stronger Zenzen Yaraneeda...

Major Events

  • This episode marks the first appearance of a Zenzen Yaraneeda, which attacks the Cures for the first time and takes Manatsu's Motivation Power.
  • The Cures perform Mix Tropical for the first time.


Midterm exams are coming up, and everyone else is going home to study. Except Manatsu who really doesn't want to study. However, when she is told club activities would be banned if she fails, Manatsu goes into panic mode. But when she tries to study, she becomes uninterested so she asks her friends for help. But as she does so, Chongire creates a Zenzen Yaraneeda. The girls transform and try to fight it but are overwhelmed by its strength. Summer attempts to purify it but fails and de-transforms, leaving an opening for the Zenzen Yaraneeda to steal her Motivation Power. Laura quickly gets back Manatsu's Motivation Power, but the Zenzen Yaraneeda knocks the Mermaid Aqua Pot out of Laura's hand and into a nearby canal. Chongire's clock then goes off, so he retreats with the Zenzen Yaraneeda to feed the Witch of Delays.

With the Mermaid Aqua Pot now gone, the girls try to find ways to motivate Manatsu, but Manatsu is having none of it, and just wants to sleep. Frustrated, Laura jumps into the canal to find the Mermaid Aqua Pot. Meanwhile, Butler tells Chongire the Witch of Delays isn't feeling hungry, which frustrates Chongire, who goes back to Aozora City to steal more Motivation Power. Coral, Papaya and Flamingo try to fight the Zenzen Yaraneeda but are just too weak. Manatsu notices the Cures trying their hardest to protect everyone's Motivation Power, which allows her to regain her own motivation and become Cure Summer again.

After swimming through the canal, and even swimming through a dirty section of it as well, Laura returns with the Mermaid Aqua Pot and releases Manatsu's Motivation Power, which surrounds the Cures and gives them a new power up item: the Heart Quartet Ring. This allows the four Cures to combine their powers and perform Mix Tropical which successfully purifies the Zenzen Yaraneeda. With the battle over, Manatsu and Laura have a heart to heart.

A few days later, Manatsu still manages to fail all of her exams, but when she is told she could still do her club activities if she passes her make-up exams, she puts on some make-up to give herself the motivation she needs to study as hard as she can.


Pretty Cure





  • Cure Summer's second transformation is shortened.
  • The Motivation Color announced before the ending is Tropical Pink.


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トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第10話予告 「やる気重ねて!プリキュア!ミックストロピカル!!」

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