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Leave It To Us! Tropical Teachers At Preschool! (おまかせ!保育園でトロピカ先生! Omakase! Hoikuen de Toropika Sensei!?) is the 14th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 841st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Tropical Club is getting work experience at a preschool. Laura befriends Wataru, who is reading about bugs by himself. But when a Zenzen Yaraneeda appears, Wataru refuses to run away because he is too worried about a swallowtail butterfly's chrysalis...


Ms. Sakuragawa suggests the Tropical Club get work experience at a preschool. There, the girls play with the children. But then Sango notices Wataru sitting all by himself reading a bug book. When she talks to him about it, Laura overhears their conversation and praises Wataru for already thinking about his future. Wataru then takes Laura to the garden, where he shows her a swallowtail butterfly's chrysalis. Meanwhile, Sango is playing with some dolls with the children, when she notices that Ruri has an interest in bugs as well.

Fed up with Butler not playing with her, Elda arrives at the preschool and creates a Zenzen Yaraneeda out of some building blocks. The girls quickly evacuate the place so no Motivation Power can be stolen, before transforming. However, the Zenzen Yaraneeda is too quick to build itself again, making it difficult for the Cures to fight it.

As Laura finds Kururun, she notices Wataru and Ruri outside, and quickly hops over to them to tell them to run. But they refuse as they want to protect the swallowtail butterfly's chrysalis. So when a block flies in their direction, Coral quickly protects them. Wataru and Ruri wonder if the girls will be okay, to which Laura explains they're Pretty Cure and they'll win. However, the Zenzen Yaraneeda is proving to be very hard to defeat. But after Summer comes up with a plan to quickly stop it from building itself back up again, they manage to finally defeat it, with some moral support from Laura, Wataru and Ruri.

With the day coming to an end, as the girls say goodbye to the preschoolers, Laura asks Wataru and Ruri to keep the Pretty Cure a secret, which they agree to do so. As they leave, Sango thinks Laura would make for a great teacher, to which Laura says she is aiming to be a queen.


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  • The Motivation Color announced before the ending is Coral Purple.
  • The Animage January 2022 issue revealed that Wataru is based on Yokotani Masahiro. Wataru was based on how Yokotani Masahiro loved to read alone at home while his mother would try to get him to play with his friends outside. The only difference between him and Wataru is that Yokotani Masahiro hates bugs.


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トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第14話予告 「おまかせ! 保育園でトロピカ先生!」

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