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The Witch's Trap! Laura Has Been Captured! (魔女の罠!囚われたローラ! Majo no Wana! Torawareta Rōra!?) is the 16th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 843rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Summer vacation approaching, the Tropical Club members have been getting to know each other better through their club activities. However, Laura has been acting rather strange lately. Manatsu and the others notice this and try to talk to her, but...

Major Events

  • Manatsu's mother, Aoi meets Laura for the first time.
  • Laura is captured by the Zenzen Yaraneeda and sent to the Witch of Delays' lair.


The Tropical Club are enjoying some melon bread on top of a mountain while they were hiking. Later, as they are all eating ice cream, Laura is noticeably unhappy. During school, Sango and Manatsu notice that something's off with Laura. As they wonder what it is, Minori finds Laura in the library and asks if she wants to be human, which she quickly denies. Minori suggests that Manatsu should have a talk with Laura at home but before she can, her mother arrives from work.

Manatsu introduces Laura as a transfer student while hiding her tail in a long dress. Being happy with her daughter's new friend, Aoi suggests they paint their fingernails. Meanwhile, the Witch of Delays expresses her displeasure with the lack of motivation energy her servants have gathered. Remembering that Laura usually steals it back from them, they formulate a plan.

The next day, Chongire attacks the city's docks with a Zenzen Yaraneeda. The girls arrive and transform to stop it. Just as Laura is about to take the Motivation Power back with the Mermaid Aqua Pot, Chongire orders the Yaraneeda to dump a huge pile of similar-looking bottles on her, causing her to lose it in the process. As she searches for it, the Yaraneeda captures her in a net and they all quickly escape so the Cures won't find her.

The girls start wondering what to do next while realizing that they never really considered how Laura has been feeling lately. They were able to find a trail of bubbles on the beach that leads into the ocean. Figuring out that the bubbles came from Laura's Aqua Pot, they transform into Pretty Cure and follow its path. Back in the Witch of Delays's castle, Laura is trapped in a cage and taken to her. The witch makes an offer with Laura to make her human if she helps her.


Pretty Cure




Secondary Characters


  • When Manatsu is painting Laura's nails, her ruffled trim is colored fully pink rather than pink and white


  • The Motivation Color announced before the ending is Ocean Blue.
  • The ice cream flavors the girls have are the same ones they have in the opening.
  • This is the last episode to feature Tropica I・N・G as the ending theme.


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トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第16話予告 「魔女の罠!囚われたローラ!」

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