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A Mermaid's Miracle! Transform Into Cure La Mer! (人魚の奇跡!変身!キュアラメール! Ningyo no Kiseki! Henshin! Kyua Ramēru!?) is the 17th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 844th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Manatsu and her friends are searching for Laura who was captured, when they come across a cruise ship that was turned into a Zenzen Yaraneeda. Meanwhile, Laura escapes the Witch's Mansion, and finds her friends on the cruise ship. That's when a miracle occurs and Laura transforms into Cure La Mer!

Major Events

  • Laura transforms into Cure La Mer and performs Kurukuru La Mer Stream for the first time.
  • As a result of her first transformation, Laura becomes a human.
  • Laura also moves into Manatsu's house.


The Witch of Delays continues to tempt Laura into helping her create a world without motivation, but she refuses. In response, she opens a trap door, sending Laura down to the bottom of the castle, while she fills a bottle with the Motivation Power gathered from earlier. Meanwhile, Chongire and Numeri attack a cruise ship nearby, creating two Zenzen Yaraneedas to gather more. They cross paths with the Pretty Cure, who are still looking for Laura. The team encourages Summer to continue searching for Laura while they fight the monsters, but Chongire intercepts and fights her.

Back at the castle, Kururun finds Laura and tries to help her by getting the keys, but they accidentally exposes themself to Elda, who drags them back into Laura's cell. Laura later tricks and traps Elda before trying to retrieve the Mermaid Aqua Pot, but the witch grabs her. Laura frees herself by biting the witch's hand and running away. Butler chases her and knocks her out with a blast from his cane.

She later wakes up in the Grand Ocean with Mermaid Queen telling her that Kururun rescued her. She tells Laura that she completed her mission and can now become the queen of the Grand Ocean, but Laura still wants to go back and help her friends. The queen understands and gives Laura a petrified pact before she departs.

Back at the cruise ship, the Cures have been defeated and have their Motivation Power taken from them, while Chongire defeats Summer. Laura arrives in time and catches Summer, who is glad that she's safe before turning back into Manatsu. Determined to rescue her friends, the petrified pact Laura received earlier turns into the Mermaid Aqua Pact, which allows her to transform into Cure La Mer for the first time.

She saves Manatsu and returns the other girls' motivation, allowing them to transform back into Pretty Cure. Thanks to their new teammate, the Cures defeat the Yaraneedas with Kurukuru La Mer Stream and Mix Tropical. Back on shore, La Mer de-transforms back into Laura and notices she's now human, making her and the others extremely happy. After agreeing to stay at Manatsu's house, she begins her new life at school.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • When Flamingo tells Summer to look for Laura, the heart cutout on Coral's glove is missing.


  • This is the first episode to feature Aiming To Go My Way!! as the ending theme.
    • Coincidentally, this new ending debuts with the debut of Laura as the series' midseason cure.
  • Cure La Mer appears at the beginning of the ending.
  • The other Cures' group transformation and Mix Tropical were both shortened.


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トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第17話予告 「人魚の奇跡! 変身!キュアラメール!」

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