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Detective Minorin! The Missing Melon Bread Case! (名探偵みのりん!消えたメロンパン事件! Meitantei Minorin! Kieta Meron Pan Jiken!?) is the 20th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 847th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Premium Tropical Melon Bread, a limited version of the snack, is being sold at the school! Manatsu manages to buy one, but when she leaves the Tropical Club room for a moment, it disappears! Minori then takes on the role of a detective, and the Tropical Club come together to hunt down the missing Melon Bread.

Major Events

  • All five Cures transform together for the first time.


Manatsu manages to win a limited version of the Premium Tropical Melon Bread and heads to the Tropical Club room. Before she could eat it, she was called back in the cafeteria to pick up her lost wallet, leaving the Tropical Melon Bread in club room. When Manatsu returns, the Tropical Melon Bread is missing, resulting in a series of outbursts from her.

Minori, being unusually enthusiastic, switches her normal glasses for a pair of star-shaped sunglasses to start investigating. She first suspects Kururun for being the last person Manatsu saw before she left, only for Laura to point out that sea fairies can't eat Melon Bread. This eventually lead to the rest of the Tropical Club members being suspected, accusing each other for being the culprit and creating tension. As Manatsu tries to calm the team down, the city is attacked by a Yaraneeda summoned by Chongire.

The girls transform and confront the Yaraneeda but they were unable to focus due to the fight they had earlier. During the fight, La Mer drops her Mermaid Aqua Pot and notices a bag floating within it. Remembering it being the same bag that held the Melon Bread that Manatsu described earlier, she told the rest of the team that she ate Manatsu's Melon Bread without even knowing and apologizes. The team forgive her, while also apologizing for blaming each other. The reconciliation among the Cures improve their teamwork and they were able to defeat the Yaraneeda with Kurukuru La Mer Stream.

After the battle, Kururun explains that they saw the bag Manatsu left behind and kept it within the Aqua Pot's fridge. With the girls getting along again, they feast on some Melon Bread and tea inside of Pretty Holic.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Papaya appears at the beginning of the ending.
  • The three stacked books that appeared in this episode reference The Never Ending Story, Puss in Boots, and Harry Potter respectively.


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Episode Preview


トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第20話予告 「名探偵みのりん! 消えたメロンパン事件!」

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