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Reviving A Legend! The Pretty Cure's Power-Up Makeover! (甦る伝説!プリキュアおめかしアップ! Yomigaeru Densetsu! Purikyua Omekashi Appu!?) is the 29th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 856th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Manatsu meets the "Legendary Pretty Cure" in her dream. According to Laura, the Legendary Pretty Cure saved the world of mermaids and humans a long time ago. Meanwhile, multiple Chou Zettai Yaraneeda are born from water, and appear throughout the town.

Major Events


The Tropical Club learns that they have placed second on the culture festival's survey, but as they celebrated, Kururun accidentally speaks, in front of the reporters of the school's paper. The girls quickly cover it up, saying that they are a talking stuffed animal, with Manatsu sternly telling them not to move.

Meanwhile, the Witch of Delays has a nightmare about a mysterious smiling girl that she does not remember, with her anger causing the castle to shake and the mirror to break. When Butler checks up on her, she sends him a dark red orb and tells him to gather more Motivation Power. Back at Manatsu's house, Laura is brushing her hair while looking at her Ocean Prism Mirror. She tells Manatsu that the mirrors are given to candidates for queen and the two attempt to ask it questions. Outside, Butler uses the orb to summon a Chou Zettai Yaraneeda, throwing it into the water and causing it to turn red.

Later that night, Manatsu has a dream that she is at the aquarium as Laura calls out to her. When she heads outside to the pool, she finds Laura's mirror and sees a reflection of a mysterious girl. Then Manatsu finds herself inside the mirror where Laura tells her about the legendary Pretty Cure, who appears before them from a distance. Manatsu wakes up soon after.

That morning, Laura tells Manatsu that according to legend, the legendary Pretty Cure saved the world from the Witch of Delays long ago. Just then, a Chou Zettai Yaraneeda appears before them, with more of them appearing throughout the city. The Cures transform to fight them, but La Mer is shocked that her Mermaid Aqua Pot couldn't detect the stolen motivation. They soon fight against the monster, only to find that there are several Yaraneeda all over the place, stealing everybody's motivation. Summer decides to split up, with La Mer concerned about her safety. Meanwhile, Coral is joined by Papaya and Flamingo, but they soon found themselves surrounded by more Yaraneeda.

Back at the Witch of Delays's castle, Chongire, Numeri, and Elda learn that Butler went out alone to gather the power and wonder why they cannot say "Pretty Cure" in front of her.

Summer lands near school and suddenly remembers that Kururun is still in the Tropical Club's room, as they didn't move. At the clubhouse, another Yaraneeda spots Kururun and attempts to steal their Motivation Power when Summer arrives in time to save them. After a brief scuffle, Summer saves Kururun as well as the dresser they made for the festival. However, the Yaraneeda comes back stronger and blasts Summer out of the clubhouse, forcing her out of her transformation, starts stealing her Motivation Power, and traps her inside of it.

La Mer continues to struggle against the multiple Yaraneeda when the other three Cures show up in time to help her. Papaya explains that she thinks that there is a main Yaraneeda that they have to defeat and retrieve the stolen motivation from. Suddenly, Kururun arrives, which Papaya accidentally blasts with her eye lasers. They tell the Cures that Manatsu is in trouble.

While the Cures are being chased by the Yaraneeda, La Mer's mirror glows and shows a half-lethargic Manatsu, with her being able to see the others through the dresser's mirror. The Yaraneeda starts stealing more of Manatsu's motivation, worrying the Cures, but they eventually find the school and clear a giant Yaraneeda blocking their way. Just as all of Manatsu's motivation was taken, the Cures' determination for her to stay strong causes some of their motivation to be sent to her, restoring her power and allowing her to transform into Cure Summer again.

The five Cures reunite, with Summer thanking everyone for helping her out. With all the Yaraneeda gathered in one place, the Cures proceed to fight them all off until La Mer could locate the main one. After she does, she takes the Motivation Power back, and after another fight, uses Ocean Bubble Shower in hopes of purifying it, but it doesn't work. However, Summer refuses to give up, and their determination causes the dresser to react.

Just then, the legendary Pretty Cure appears before them, and the Land Heart Kuru Ring appears as well. She tells them to save the world and the witch who became the Witch of Delays while the dresser turns into the Tropical Heart Dresser. Using their newfound powers, the Cures change into their Excellen-Tropical Style and use Land Beat Dynamic to defeat the Chou Zettai Yaraneeda and return everyone's motivation. Butler notices the appearance of the legendary Cure and the ring before teleporting away. Meanwhile, the Witch of Delays has another dream about the mysterious girl and wonders who she is.

Back at school, the girls discuss the Yaraneeda getting stronger and what the Witch of Delays wants with everyone's motivation, but Manatsu says with the Tropical Heart Dresser, they cannot lose.


Pretty Cure




  • Cure Summer appears at the beginning of the ending.


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トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第29話予告 「甦る伝説!プリキュアおめかしアップ!」

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