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We're Here! The Land of Mermaids • Grand Ocean! (来たよ!人魚の国・グランオーシャン! Kita yo! Ningyo no Kuni • Guran' Ōshan!?) is the 36th episode of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and is the 863rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Mermaid Queen invites Manatsu and her friends to Grand Ocean as she wants them to find the ocean ring. However, when they return to the castle with no clues on its whereabouts, they realize something is wrong with the queen...

Major Events

  • The girls visit the Grand Ocean for the first time.
  • The girls also meet the Mermaid Queen for the first time, but it turns out to be an illusion created by the Witch of Delays' servants.
  • The Marine Heart Kuru Ring appears for the first time, but Butler steals the ring before the Cures can retrieve it.


Manatsu is dreaming about a city being in shambles while confronting the Witch of Delays as the Legendary Cure. As soon as she wakes up, the Mermaid Queen sends an invitation to her and Laura to visit the Grand Ocean. Despite the group being suspicious of the invitation, they decide to take up the offer. The next day, they travel to the kingdom via a whirlpool. Kururun opens a portal within, enabling the girls to finally enter the castle. They were greeted with a welcoming party hosted by the Mermaid Queen.

Later, the queen requests them to look for the Marine Heart Kuru Ring hidden somewhere within the Grand Ocean, which they oblige to help. As they search across a field of Bubble Fruit, Manatsu tells the entire group that she had a dream about the legendary Pretty Cure again. Believing that it might be a clue to finding the Marine Heart Kuru Ring, they go back to the castle to ask the Mermaid Queen about it. While reporting to the Mermaid Queen, Laura noticed how unusual the Mermaid Queen has been acting when she showed no concern for Kururun and demands to reveal her true self. Kururun appears with Chongire tailing right behind him and reveals that Numeri was disguising herself as the Mermaid Queen while the real one lays captive in a hidden chamber containing a large device the villainous sea creatures used to manipulate the memories of the kingdom's citizens.

Manatsu and the others transform to confront the Chou Zettai Yaraneeda, a Yaraneeda created from a living being, but were having a difficult time matching its' strength. Responding to the Pretty Cure's desire to protect the kingdom despite the unfavorable odds, the Marine Heart Kuru Ring appears. However, Butler snatches it away from them and the barrier protecting the Grand Ocean from the whirlpool shatters, causing the Pretty Cure to be helplessly sucked in.


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Episode Preview


トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア 第36話予告 「来たよ!人魚の国・グランオーシャン!」

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