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Tabata Nao
多幡 奈緒 Tabata Nao
Tabata Nao
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
Japanese Voice ActorKikuchi Kokoro

Tabata Nao (多幡 奈緒 Tabata Nao?) is Hikari's good friend and classmate, being a first year student at Verone Academy in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. She and her best friend, Miu were the characters of the day in episode 15.

Nao and Miu are quite a pair, imitating their heroes Nagisa and Honoka. They form a strong friendship with Hikari at the end of the episode.


Nao has fair skin and large, brown eyes. Her short hair is the same color and vaguely resembles Nagisa's, but with a loose curl on the ends. She was depicted in the Verone Academy uniform, but for casual wear she was shown in a red basketball T-shirt with a white 77, a pale green hoodie and baggy beige shorts.


Much like her hero, Nagisa, Nao is sporty but girly, with an interest in sports, liking boys, and loving fashion. She wishes to be exactly like Nagisa, and is very friendly and happy-go-lucky. She has loved basketball ever since elementary school, and in the episode of her debut she asks Nagisa and Hikari to play with her against some high school boys. Nao is a fan of many cool people, such as someone named Yan-sama and Hasekura-kun, the boy Nagisa went on a date with on her birthday.


Nao is a very fast runner, and quite good at basketball once she concentrates. This is good, because she wants to be in the school's basketball team and aims "to be just like Misumi-senpai!".


Nao: "Honoka, I will not lose today's match. It's the last strand, the last strand!"

Miu: "Don't you mean 'the last stand'?"

Both, jumping and holding hands: "Just like that, like that, like that!"


  • Nao and Miu are a pair that are similar to the kind of pair Nagisa and Honoka are.
    • Similarly to Nagisa and Honoka, the two girls become very close friends with Hikari.
    • The way Nao and Miu imitate Nagisa and Honoka perfectly shows that they know their idols very well.
  • Nao has a same name as Midorikawa Nao from Smile Pretty Cure! and both are very good at sports.
  • She shares the same voice actress with Potpourri from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.


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