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Takagishi Azusa (高岸あずさ Takagishi Azusa?) is a classmate of Tsubomi and Erika and the president of the Theater Club. Her true dream is to one day become a professional actress.


Azusa has short brown hair with bangs brushed to the side and one forelock worn over the ear, one behind. Her eyes are the same color. Her casual attire consists of a cherry-colored top with white cuff, crimson and white sneakers, and a pair of black leggings with white stripes going down the sides.


Azusa and Erika appear not to get along due to often bickering. They have similar personalities; being youthful and passionate girls with a tempermental side that resulted in them pushing away friends in the past.

Azusa is very determined and high-spirited enough to back up her talents. But she is a poor leader and can expect too much from others, causing her to sound strict and rude when offering critique. She is very stubborn, only coming to terms with the truth after realizing how fun the Fashion club was in comparison to her own.


Threatened by the Fashion Club, she appears one day to challenge it to a contest to see whose club is better at designing clothes, wanting to prove that the Theater Club is just as good, if not better. However, due to her nature, the other members of the Theater club soon end up leaving. This is when Azusa's Heart Flower begins to blacken and Cobraja appears.



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