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Takashimizu Rina
高清水 莉奈 Takashimizu Rina
Rina Takashimizu
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Japanese Voice ActorTokumitsu Yuka
English Voice ActorEmily Baghynsky

Takashimizu Rina (高清水 莉奈 Takashimizu Rina?) is on the lacrosse team with Nagisa and Shiho, her best friends. A girl who really likes to discuss boys and romance, she is often quoting rumors from around the school.

Rina happens to bear resemblance to one of Honoka's friends.



Taller then Nagisa and Shiho, Rina has light brown hair worn in low pigtails with pinkish scrunchies. Her eyes are the same similar shade of brown and she is often depicted in her school uniform.


Takashimizu (高清水?): Taka (高) translates into "high", Shi (清) translates into "pure", Mizu (水) translates into "water", all surname translates "pure as a mountain spring"

Rina (莉奈?): There are several of meanings for Rina: it also stands as Rina (里菜). Ri (莉) partly translates to "jasmine", while Na (奈) is a phonetic sound.

Together, they are combined as "noble water jasmine".


Rina's voice actress, Tokumitsu Yuka, has sung one song for the character she voices. She sung this song alongside Sendai Eri, Kuboto Shiho's voice actress.


  • She seems to like reading fortunes or horoscopes as it is seen in episode 16, where she told Nagisa about her lucky color and week.
  • Her name is unchanged in the English dub.






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