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Takeuchi Ayano is a girl and a fellow student attending the same school as Saki and Mai. She is a second-year student who is in class A and in the Art Club, where she usually encourages Mai to enter various competitions or events.



Ayano has shoulder length brown hair with thick pointed bangs split down the middle and a thin strand of hair over each ear. Her eyes are hazel.

Besides the school uniform, she is also shown in a pink shirt beneath a loose white buttoned shirt or jacket, and a dark grey skirt. She carries a light yellow purse.


Ayano is a friendly, but also pushy girl who usually means well. She can also come off as rude to others without meaning to and is likely to bluntly tell someone off if they answered when she wasn't speaking to them, such as when Saki tried telling her that she made Mai uncomfortable. She is straight-forward but she has a real eye for art and strongly believes in Mai's capabilities. She also dearly loves her grandmother and will do what she can to help her.  


She appears in episode 4 of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. Meeting Saki and Mai one day when Mai is busy drawing and she happens to overhear them. She approaches and studies Mai's picture, stating that it looks as if it is ready to come alive.


Mishou Mai - She heavily believes that Mai should go for a career in art, amazed by her talent.


Ayano - Ayano can mean of color, likely referring to Ayano's association with art.

Takeuchi - Takeuchi is a surname meaning bamboo house.



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