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Takizawa Asuka (滝沢あすか?) is one of the five main Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.

Asuka's alter ego is Cure Flamingo (キュアフラミンゴ?), and her charm point is her hair.



Asuka has sharp purple eyes and long, rust red hair with her spiked bangs layered towards the side. Casually, she wears a cropped pale blue tank-top beneath a cropped, loose red shirt, along with a choker, short blue pants with black stripes on each side, and blue sandals. She also wears the red Heart Kuru Ring on her left middle finger.

As Cure Flamingo, her hair grows out and becomes bright crimson with turquoise streaks and she gains light pink heart-shaped flecks on her eyes. She wears a feathery pink and blue barrette attached to a gold beak-like triangle. She wears a single gold earring with a feather dangling on her left ear. She wears a white cropped shirt with off-shoulder feathered sleeves and a peach collar lined in white and red. At the center is a gold shell with red ribbon strands. She wears a short white skirt with a shorter ruffled red skirt over it and her Tropical Pact rests on a white bow. On her right are thick light green ruffles. She also gains fishnet stockings with red and white boots, and white finger-less gloves with a red cuff.

In her Excellen-Tropical Style, her hair lengthens and thickens, with two yellow streaks added in. Her barrette turns red with deep crimson tips at the top and light red feathers near the triangle. Her collar now reveals her collarbone and turns white with a red stripe while her top turns red with a short light red wing-like cape. Her skirt lengthens with the white part turning mint green and the ruffle on the right turning white and lengthening as well. The top of the skirt is light red with green pearls around the waist and a light green ruffle at the bottom. She now wears a white and red choker with a red gem hanging from it. Her gloves become white frilly wristbands with red bands around the wrist and she is now barefoot with red leg warmers.


Asuka is an athletic 3rd year middle school student with a strong sense of justice. At first glance, she appears to be cool and unapproachable, especially towards Yuriko. However, she is actually a very reliable big sister type. In fact, she really loves to cook and play cute animal games.

Despite normally being a sisterly figure to her younger friends, Asuka can be extremely reckless and sometimes has a short temper, which make conflicts arise that she usually doesn't intend to cause.


  • Laura: Asuka started out not particularly fond of Laura, even stating she didn't become Cure Flamingo for her, but to protect the others. However, as she spent more time with Laura, she grew to appreciate her more.
  • Shiratori Yuriko: Asuka used to be friends with Yuriko since elementary school, and were double partners in the tennis club. However, their friendship ended when they had differing opinions regarding how Asuka dealt with their opponents after she saw them tampering with Yuriko's racket. Nevertheless, Asuka still cares for Yuriko's well-being and does hope to reconcile with her someday.
  • Natsuumi Manatsu, Suzumura Sango and Ichinose Minori: Her juniors and friends. Asuka met Manatsu when the latter is threatened by some thugs, and through Manatsu she meets Sango and Minori. At first, Asuka acted distant towards them, but soon accepts them as her friends.


Takizawa (滝沢?): Taki (?) means "waterfall" [1], while Zawa (?) means "swamp" [2].

Asuka (あすか?) can be written in numerous ways with different meanings, but Asuka most likely comes from 飛鳥 which means "flying bird" [3].

Cure Flamingo is a large bird with pink feathers, long, thin legs, a long neck, and a beak that curves down [4].


Fallout with Yuriko

Asuka used to be friends with Yuriko when they were in elementary school. However, when they were in the tennis club in their first year at middle school, Asuka saw some opponents about to tamper with Yuriko's racket, so she tried to stop them, but ended up gathering unwanted attention. Subsequently, Yuriko and Asuka had an argument about how to deal with the situation, and with nobody supporting Asuka, Asuka lost her trust in believing in her teammates. Ever since this incident, her relationship with Yuriko had been strained. TRPC31

Meeting her Juniors and Becoming Cure Flamingo

One day when Manatsu and Laura are threatened by some thugs, Asuka comes across them and stands up for Manatsu, though she leaves after telling Manatsu her name. The next day, Manatsu, Sango and Laura want to scout her as part of their team, only for them to be rejected by her, as she says she does not believe in teamwork. However, she still helps out Manatsu and Sango when Yuriko is about to reject their club registration, and helps them and Minori clean up the shed.

When realizing that the three girls are potentially endangered, Asuka heads to the recycle center, and finds out that they are fighting Numeri's Yaraneeda. Despite initially being a person who does not like teamwork, Asuka vows to protect them, and becomes Cure Flamingo for the first time.TRPC05

Competition with Yuriko

Asuka and her friends are putting up a banner for the school when the banner accidentally flies away and causes Yuriko and the television crew to fall into the water. Yuriko then tells Asuka and the rest of the Tropical Club that their club will be suspended, so when the host invites them to his quiz show, Asuka accepts Yuriko's challenge in hopes of securing the Tropical Club. During the show, both the Tropical Club and the Council have an intense competition with each other, but Yuriko had the upper hand against Asuka, until both of them press the buzzer. After the Zettai Yaraneeda is defeated, it is revealed that Asuka was faster, meaning she and her friends can still be in the Tropical Club. TRPC24

Graduation Trip and Relationship with Yuriko

Asuka goes on a graduation trip with the rest of her classmates, but on the train she noticees that Laura and Kururun were secretly hiding in her bag. When she sees Numeri on the train as well, Asuka outwits her by pretending she's about to transform, only to leave her behind at a train station. During the trip, Asuka decides to open up to Laura about her past with Yuriko. As Numeri catches up with a Chou Zettai Yaraneeda and drains most of the schoolmates' Motivation Power, Yuriko ends up getting hurt, prompting Asuka to transform into Cure Flamingo. Once she makes sure Yuriko is safe, she decides to fights the Chou Zettai Yaraneeda. Once the fight is over, Yuriko does seem to care a bit more about Asuka, though Asuka now has to worry about Kururun who has been left behind. TRPC31

Cure Flamingo

Cure Flamingo

Fluttering Wings! Cure Flamingo!
Hatameku Tsubasa! Kyua Furamingo!

Cure Flamingo (キュアフラミンゴ?) is Asuka's Pretty Cure alias. In order to transform, she needs her Tropical Pact and Heart Kuru Ring.


The transformation starts with Asuka's Tropical Pact appearing. She then holds the pact while removing her Heart Kuru Ring, inserting it into the lock and turning it. The pact opens up, revealing her reflection. Then Asuka takes the brush and flips, shouting "Let's make up! Bling!", touching the center of the pact with it, causing it to glow. She then shouts "Cheeks"! as she presses the brush against her cheeks, giving them a rosy glow. Then she taps the center again and shouts "Eyes!", giving her pink eyeshadow and adding light pink heart-shaped flecks to her eyes. Then she taps the center again and shouts "Lips!" as she applies lipstick. She taps the middle yet again and shouts "Hair!", running her hand through her hair as it turns bright red with turquoise streaks. She taps the middle one more time and shouts "Dress!" as she draws a turquoise diamond with the brush, which splits into seven diamonds. Each of the diamonds strike her body, making parts of her outfit appear. First are her shoes, followed by her gloves, then her top, skirt, hairpiece, and earring. A pouch for her Tropical Pact appears on the left, dropping in. With the transformation complete, Flamingo does a couple of kicks and moves before landing on the ground. She then turns around and introduces herself, doing several quick moves before striking her final pose.



Asuka's voice actor, Seto Asami has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Fairouz Ai, who voices Natsuumi Manatsu, Hanamori Yumiri, who voices Suzumura Sango, Ishikawa Yui, who voices Ichinose Minori, and Hidaka Rina, who voices Laura.

Group Songs


  • Asuka's birthday is on October 15th, making her Zodiac sign Libra.
  • Asuka's favorite things to do are exercising and cooking.
  • Asuka shares her name with Kitakaze Asuka from Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
  • Asuka is the first Cure to wear only one earring in her Cure form.
  • Asuka's favorite food is an omelette.


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