Tategami Aoi (立神あおい Tategami Aoi?) is one of the six main Cures in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode who is a second year middle school student who loves to sing. She is as brave and free as a lion.

Aoi's alter ego is Cure Gelato (キュアジェラート Kyua Jerāto?), the Pretty Cure of freedom and passion, and she is based on ice cream and lions.

Her catchphrases are "I'm getting fired up!" (「燃えてきたーーー!」 "Moete Kita!"?) and "Woooah!" (「ウォーーー!」 "Wō!"?)



Aoi has bright blue eyes and dark blue hair worn in a thick ponytail held by a yellow ribbon. Normally she wears a white raglan top with light blue sleeves and mini-skirt, paired with a dark blue leather jacket that has a crown pin, blue stockings, and grey sneakers. For summer, she wears a light blue top with holes cut at the shoulder and crown design, light blue denim shorts and blue sandals. For winter, she wears a sky blue hoodie with a dark gray pleat skirt, dark gray lace-up boots, and blue stockings. At times she may wear her leather jacket and blue gloves.

In the movie, she wore a long-sleeved cerulean shirt with light blue denim shorts and dark blue boots. At the party, she wears a blue dress with a red brooch, white gloves, and blue shoes.

As Cure Gelato, her hair is brighter and grows out in volume to resemble a lion mane. She gains tuft forelocks and wears a gold crown with a light blue sphere, a blue choker, and crown earrings. She has blue lion ears and a tail. She wears a blue top with yellow sleeve cuff and fluffy collar. Her white balloon skirt has a light blue and white marbled layer over it, a blue bow rests on the corner. She also gets blue gloves and boots with a paw-like toe, and light blue mismatched socks, one knee-length, the other ends above the ankle.

As Super Cure Gelato, her top turns pale blue and her sleeves are fluffy. Her skirt gains a cape-like layer behind it, while her gloves, boots, and socks lighten in color. She gains wings.

In her A La Mode Style, her hair grows out more and she gains a fluffy pale blue hood. Her choker is dark blue. Her sleeve cuffs are fluffy to match her altered collar, and her skirt changes in shape to gain an additional, fluffy pale blue layer. A long, cape-like layer with large light blue spheres hangs from the back. Her gloves gain a fluffy wrist, while one boot extends to the thigh, the other above the ankle with a fluffy cuff.


Enthusiastic and bold, Aoi is brave and passionate. Her strength has no bounds and she's always ready to try something new. Above all else she craves freedom, so she strongly dislikes the strict rules back at home, where she is forced to act and dress more properly. At first, Aoi's competitive streak is a flaw that prevents her from accepting her own failures, but she soon learns to mellow out and accepts herself for being a "hard and chewy" person that develops her own music style.


  • Usami Ichika - Ichika is a big fan of Aoi, and is delighted when she finds that Aoi goes to her school. After becoming Cure Gelato, Aoi and Ichika become good friends with each other.
  • Arisugawa Himari - Despite being almost the exact opposite, Aoi and Himari are good friends, and become quite close throughout the events of episode 35.
  • Misaki Ayane - Aoi was inspired by Ayane to start singing, and idolizes her. In episode 27, Aoi tells Ayane that her dream is to someday surpass her, which Misaki appreciates.
  • Mizushima Mitsuyoshi - Her butler. They have a close-knit relationship as he had looked after her since she was a child. At first, Mitsuyoshi was unwilling to allow Aoi to be a rock star, but later changed his mind and respected her dream.


Tategami (立神?) - Tate (?) means "stand" while Gami (?) means "god". However, when combined together, it means "spirit". With the use of  a different kanji (鬣), Tategami can also mean 'Mane', which references her theme animal.

Aoi (あおい?) means "blue" (青い) which probably has something to do with her signature color.

Gelato is Italian for ice cream.


Joining Wild Azur

Aoi has always dreamed to become a rock star, so she practices her music skills through busking. One day, Sonobe Kei finds her on the street, and he befriends her by inviting her to join his then unnamed band with his other friends Yokogawa Ryuuta and Asaka Sara. She enthusiastically agrees, and Kei names the band based on her theme color and passion.

Becoming Cure Gelato

While Ichika and Himari are on their way to buy ingredients to make sweets, they overhear someone singing. They decide to check it out and see Aoi singing with her band Wild Azur, and Ichika enjoys the music. Aoi meets the two while they wait in line for some ice cream, stopping a couple of taunting high schoolers from cutting the line. Later, the band finds out that there will be a Battle of the Bands competition with Misaki Ayane, Aoi's idol, being one of the judges, so she volunteers to write the lyrics for the song. She has a difficult time coming up with anything decent, and even though Ichika tries to help her out, she still can't figure it out.

By the day of the contest, Aoi still hasn't come up with anything and starts to lose confidence when Ichika and Himari arrive backstage to give her some blue sky-inspired ice cream with a lion's face on it. Aoi takes a bite from it when she starts to have flashbacks of hearing Ayane perform live for the first time, which inspired her to become a rock singer. After eating it, she suddenly came up with the perfect lyrics for it and soon it is Wild Azur's turn to perform for the competition when Hotto, one of the Kirakiraru Thieves, attacks the stage, causing the crowd to evacuate. Ichika and Himari transform into Cure Whip and Cure Custard respectively, but Hotto's heat made it difficult for the two to hold him off. He then targets the ice cream that was kept safe in a cooler, but Aoi steps in to defend it, and her determination to protect it causes the ice cream to turn into an Animal Sweet and a Sweets Pact. Aoi then immediately transforms into Cure Gelato.

Using her newfound ice powers and lion's roar, she was able to hold Hotto off before she and the other two Cures sent him flying, freeing the Kirakiraru he consumed. Soon after, even with there being no crowd in sight, Aoi and her band perform the song she wrote and little by little, the audience returns to listen, including Ayane.

Relationship with Mitsuyoshi

One day, when Aoi has a concert with her band, her butler Mitsuyoshi appears and drags her away without warning. This later results in Aoi's family heritage being exposed as her friends investigate Mitsuyoshi. Mitsuyoshi himself appears to object Aoi from playing rock music since he believes that she should be a refined heiress of her family, much to Aoi's frustration.

Later at the dinner party, Mitsuyoshi is one of the guests being harmed by Julio who crashes the event. Gelato then learns that Mitsuyoshi actually enjoys her songs which explains why his Kirakiraru is intact, and uses his Kirakiraru to overpower Julio.

In the end, Mitsuyoshi allows Aoi to be a band member and a pastry chef at the KIRAKIRA Patisserie as long as she is doing well at school.

Falling and Getting Up

When realizing that she and her band have been chosen to be part of the Blue Rock Festival, Aoi is overjoyed. Unfortunately, it turns out that she and Misaki's band's performances clash with Wild Azur being overshadowed by Ganache. This causes Aoi to lose faith in her own dream, even when her friends try to cheer her up with gummies. This in turn makes her vulnerable to Elisio who turns her into Dark Gelato where she proceeds to destroy the festival.

However, her friends still want to wake her so Whip tells Gelato that the stage means a lot to her because it signifies her passion for music. This finally wakes Gelato up. She later meets up with Misaki and challenges Misaki to a dual the next time they meet each other.

Farewell Concert

Aoi and the other Wild Azur members are getting pumped up for another concert battle with Ganache when Kei suddenly announces that he has to leave due to his entrance exams. Aoi is once again lost as she will greatly miss her friend, and decides she'll accept Misaki's offer about cancelling the concert.

Her friends then decide to cheer her up by throwing a slumber party for her. Aoi is encouraged so she composes a new song. The next day, she tells her Wild Azur band mates that they won't give up easily nor will they fall apart. They all manage to have a blast at the concert despite it being temporarily interfered by Elisio. Their song "Aile" earn both Misaki and the audience's respect, as well as appreciation from Aoi's own parents.


Years later, Aoi has finally accomplished her dream of becoming a rock star. She is last seen singing passionately on stage with a beautiful smile.

Cure Gelato

Cure Gelato

With Freedom and Passion! Let's・La・Mix It All Up! Cure Gelato! Ready To Serve!
Jiyū to Jōnetsu wo! Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze! Kyua Jerāto! Dekiagari!

Cure Gelato (キュアジェラート?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Aoi. In order to transform, she needs the Sweets Pact and her Animal Sweets. She gains great physical strength and ice attacks and can also roar loud like a lion.


Cure La Mode・Decoration!: The sequence begins with Aoi's Sweets Pact opening up and her reflection is shown in the mirror. She is now wearing a blue translucent dress and she then shouts "Cure La Mode・Decoration!" as she spins around, undoing the ribbon holding her ponytail, which disappears after she takes it out, and her hair becomes down. Her Animal Sweet appears and she then shouts "Ice!" as she grabs it and inserts it into the pact. Then a small light pink beater-like pen appears, which she takes and presses the light pink stars, saying "freedom" when pressing the first one and "passion" after pressing the second one. Beams of blue and cream-colored light respectively shine from the small bowl-like part of the pact after she presses them. She then shouts "Let's・La・Mix It All Up!" as she uses the stylus to mix the two lights together, which spin around and coalesce into what appears to be ice cream, which shoots from the pact.

Aoi then uses it to form four ice cream cones, with two of them having blue-colored ice cream and the other two having vanilla-colored ice cream. She spins around and her skirt appears. Then some of the ice cream travels to the upper part of her body, and she tugs part of it upward, forming her jacket-like top. She then draws a six-point star using her stylus, forming her Animal Sweet and after it disappears, her hair, hands and feet are seen glowing. First her gloves appear, and then her boots appear after landing. After that, her earrings, lion ears and tail appear before her hair becomes neon blue and becomes way longer and wilder. The case for her pact appears as it slides into it. Then her crown with a scoop of ice cream in it appears on top of her head. After that she pulls her right sock up and holds up devil horns with both hands before grabbing a guitar made of blue light, which she strums before striking a finishing pose.


  • Kirakira♪Kiraru: The main method of attack used by the Cures, which manifests in the form of magical batter within the Sweets Pact. As Cure Gelato, Aoi has shown she has the ability to:
    • Encase her fists in ice.
    • Completely freeze her opponents with her punches.
    • Create large ice structures to launch at the foe.
    • Combine her batter with Custard's and Whip's to perform a group attack.
    • Whirl her Candy Rod around and roar to create a powerful sonic kirakiraru wave.
  • Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode! (スイー・2・ワンダフルアラモード!?) is the group attack Cure Gelato performs with the other four Cures. To perform it, she must use the Candy Rod.
  • Gelato Shake (ジェラートシェイク?) is the first sub attack Cure Gelato uses in episode 14. To perform it, she needs the Candy Rod.
  • Animal Go Round! (アニマルゴーランド!?) is the group attack Cure Gelato performs with the other five Cures. To perform it, she must use the Kirakiraru Creamer and her Crystal Animal.
  • Fantastic Animale (ファンタスティックアニマーレ!?) is the group attack Cure Gelato performs with the other five Cures. To perform it, she must she must use the Kirakiraru Creamer and her Crystal Animal and be in her A La Mode Style.


Aoi's voice actress, Muranaka Tomo, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Miyama Karen, who voices Usami Ichika, Fukuhara Haruka, who voices Arisugawa Himari, Fujita Saki, who voices Kotozume Yukari, Mori Nanako, who voices Kenjou Akira, Minase Inori, who voices Kirahoshi Ciel, and Machico, who voices Misaki Ayane.



  • Aoi's birthday is on August 27th, making her Zodiac sign Virgo.
  • Aoi is the first and so far only Cure to have fanged teeth.
  • The band name Wild Azur was inspired by Aoi's theme color and spirited nature.
  • Cure Gelato is the only member of her team who wears colored gloves. All other members wear white gloves.
  • Her appearance is vaguely similar to the Leo Star Princess from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.
  • Aoi shares her first name with Natsuumi Aoi, a minor character from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.


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