~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode {{{ep}}}~
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number
[[File:STPC Fuwa - {{{horoscope1}}}.png|thumb|center|100px|
"{{{desc1}}}" "{{{luckyitem1}}}"
[[File:STPC Fuwa - {{{horoscope2}}}.png|thumb|center|100px|
"{{{desc2}}}" "{{{luckyitem2}}}"
[[File:STPC Fuwa - {{{horoscope3}}}.png|thumb|center|100px|
"{{{desc3}}}" "{{{luckyitem3}}}"

This Constellation Fortune Telling Template was originally made by CureTechnic and the new revised table design made by Spirits Ninja. It was only used on the Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure episode pages.

If you view the source code, do not copy, re-use, edit or anything else to your own wiki with this code, this template is exclusively used on the Pretty Cure Wiki only!


|ep = 
|date = 
|horoscope1 = 
|desc1 = 
|luckyitem1 = 
|luckycolor1 = 
|hexcode1 = 
|luckynumber1 = 
|horoscope2 = 
|desc2 = 
|luckyitem2 = 
|luckycolor2 = 
|hexcode2 = 
|luckynumber2 = 
|horoscope3 = 
|desc3 = 
|luckyitem3 = 
|luckycolor3 = 
|hexcode3 = 
|luckynumber3 = }}
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