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{{Infobox character
|color = 
|name = 
|katakana = 
|romaji = 
|image = 
|season =
|debut = 
|age = 
|home = 
|bd = 
|relative = 
|role = 
|alter ego = 
|theme =
|tcolor = 
|power = 
|weapon = 
|transformation =
|pronoun =
|item =
|fight = 
|catchphrase = 
|song = 
|voice = 
|appearances = 

Leave things blank to leave them out.


|color = Colors the Infobox. Example: |color = pink

|name = Name of the character. Shows up in infobox title

|katakana = Katakana of name. Shows up under the name.

|romaji = Romaji reading of the Katakana. Shows up next to the Katakana.

|image = Image of the character. Example: |image = image.png

|debut = First appearance of character.

|age = Age in numbers.

|bd = The character's birthday. Write month (number). Example: |bd = September 4<sup>th</sup>

|home = Where the character comes from or was born. See old infoboxes.

|relative = Relatives. See old infoboxes.

|role = The role the character has in the story. Some examples: Pretty Cure, Villain, Main Antagonist, Fairy/Mascot, Magic Warrior (think Shiny Luminous), Pretty Cure Ally (think Nanase Yui, someone who knows their secret), Mentor, Minor Character (maybe slightly specify like "Classmate", "Teacher", "Relative" etc)

|alter ego = This option is intendsd for Cures, but can be applied on other characters as well, for example Westar's human name. Example: |alter ego = Cure White

|theme = Character's theme. Only the most obvious things should be listed. Mostly relevant for villains. Example: |theme = Dogs, chocolate

|tcolor = Theme color. See old infoboxes.

|power = The character's power. Think Cure Beauty's ice powers. Only obvious examples. Example: |power = Light

|weapon = Main weapons.

|item = Transformation Items.

|transformation = Transformation Phrase, only use for Cures

|fight = The character's fighting style. Like how Cure Black uses punches while Cure White uses kicks.

|catchphrase = self explanatory

|song = A list of the image songs of the character. If the character is a Cure, include only main songs, no duets. If the character is not a Cure, all songs including duets should be listed (as a duet is probably their only song if it's a minor character.)

|voice = The character's voice actor/actress.

|appearances = Use * to list all series and movies the character appeared in. Mention the manga or the Live on Stage shows if you know they appeared on them. (All Cures appeared in their respective Kamikita manga and were in the Live Shows. Most of the "trio" villains also appeared in the stage shows.)

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