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The Policeman
警官 Keikan
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure
AgeAbout 30's
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
First AppearanceSmPC08
Japanese Voice ActorShirakawa Shuusaku
English Voice ActorLucien Dodge

The Policeman (警官 Keikan?) is a supporting character in Smile Pretty Cure!. He sometimes appears in an episode when Majorina loses her inventions and usually Majorina leaves running off without saying good-bye.


He is kind and patient to people, even to Majorina. He seems to be confused with Majorina inventions and about her background and thinks of obvious things like thinking she was a novelist and her background is a story from her books.


Majorina - He seems to have a small relationship with Majorina, as he remembers her every time she comes to the police station he works or he just pass by. 


He first appeared in episode 8 when Majorina lost her rings that switch places which The Policeman thinks is just fiction. Then she saw Candy in Miyuki with the rings and left the station. He refers to her as an old lady until he knew her name in episode 11 and complimented it. Also in that episode, she came because she lost her mallet that turns people tiny and saw Candy has it and left.

In episode 20, Majorina came to the station and oddly, her camera that turns people invisible was there and when Policeman asked her questions about her past and to get out of it, she turned herself invisible leaving the Policeman confused and leaves. He reappears again riding his bicycle in the park and saw a drawing of Majorina drawn by little Yayoi. Later, he ran passed her and told her that there was a drawing of her in the park which leads Majorina to the park, believing the Pretty Cures have her invention.


  • He is usually at the town's Police department. Sometimes he goes out on his bicycle.

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