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    I've recently noticed that most new users tend to add new trivia, but don't do much else. So here's a thread listing the most important things we need help with right now, so you know what to do.

    • Helping with the KKPCALM episode synopsis and summaries. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how important that is. MTPC has about half of the summaries done, and we cannot let this happen to KKPCALM as well. If you are somewhat confident in your grammar, please lend a hand, starting at KKPCALM08. Even if you only do part of the synopsis, it would help. Calling also the more experienced wiki users for this. If you want to help with Mahou that would be helpful too, of course.
    • Removing trivia. This wiki has a mess of old, uninteresting trivia - so much that people on twitter and tumblr keep making a meme out of it. I want this wiki to be known for being a good information source of Pretty Cure instead. I already cleaned up the Cure pages, so you can look there for trivia that might be considered interesting.
      • The rules for trivia are 1. It shouldn't be obvious. 2. Behind the scenes stuff about the development of a character or a show or their reception is the most interesting. Include sources 3. No comparisons with other shows based on superficial stuff. Actual references are fine but because a Cure character has the same hair colour as an Aikatsu char doesn't mean there's any relation. 4. No outright speculation.
      • Look at the rules and remove uninteresting trivia from character and episode pages to help keep the wiki clean.
    • Soundtrack ogg files need to be added to most old soundtrack pages. See the files for the KKPCALM Soundtrack? Most old Soundtracks don't have them. You can download the character songs and soundtracks from here, convert them into ogg and upload them via mass upload like you would do image files. Then go into classic editor and look at the coding of the KKPCALM Soundtrack to see how to add them. The more experienced users can also help with putting ogg on character albums.
    • Grammar - Some old episode pages but ESPECIALLY older movie pages (also with image captions) have atrocious grammar and if you have any confidence in your own, please help fix it. Also try to add some spacing here and there if you see that the synopsis is a block of text.
    • Replacing bad quality images - Not confident in your own grammar? No problem, because you can help replace bad quality images. Know how to torrent episodes or at least have a high quality resource of png images? 0Kimiko0 is currently already doing the Yes5 images.
      • If you want to replace bad jpg images from older episode or movie pages with a higher quality png image, you can remove the jpg images from the page and put them in a list on my message wall or here, and I will mass delete them. (As jpg can only be replaced by jpg and not by png, you will have to upload the png and someone has to delete the jpg.)
      • Keep in mind filenames. If it's a screenshot, ALWAYS include the episode name like "KKPCALM 18" in the image.
    • Can't torrent, don't know much about grammar? No problem, you can help sort already existing galleries. If you think you noticed that the images in a gallery are out of order, you can rewatch the episode and resort the gallery in classic editor to be in the order they appear in the episode.
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    That's a lot already and there's also a lot of need for new content pages but let's leave that to the admins for now! You can of course make new pages but only if you have experience in wiki editing. Think you got everything? Please let us know in this thread if you want to help out with any of these, so we can split up work.

    Another helpful tool: Seriously, that one can save your life when you're working with coding/classic editor.

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