• I'm sure this a coincidence but your reasons for disliking Shiny Luminous and Cure Honey is a lot like my reason. Even worded really similar.

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    • "My" least favorite ones are the perspectives of Minami's and mine. We spent 2 weeks rewatch the franchise and came up with the list of hopelessly useless, annyoing Cures throuhout their seasons.

      Cuz when watching any anime, there'll be hopelessly useless, annyoing characters, and we found out how annoying they were and say why we hate them, for reasons.

      And... we decided the list from both perspectives.

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    • Wow...Combining perspectives become similar...

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    • It's weird, but that's how we do our ways. And thank you. Finally, someone felt about Hikari and Yuuko the same way we does.

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    • A FANDOM user
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