• tama please join us for MTPC when it airs this week im looking foward for al ittle doremi style lol at first i was not iin to this season but i will give it a chance the hype is On this week everyone will get to add images we find see you then when two worlds connect with the word cure up rapapa

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    • Cure Up Rapapapa! Tama, I hereby pronounce you as the newest episode page maker! *crowds cheer and clap* (Sunshine, you okay with this?)

      So like Lol-ionel said, this week, the four of us will help with ep 1 of Mahou Tsukai and then afterwards we start figuring out the order we focus on pisodes for. So, I think I satrt this one since if we hadn't done ep 50 together, then that would been my episode so I'll instead do ep 2 of Mahou Tsukai, then followed by whoever wants to go next. 

      PS For ep 1, I'll mainly focus on the music side so don't expect me to be so involved this week with the ep page itself as the lyrics can take some time with the translating side of things XD

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    • yay:3

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    • Praying that the attacks won't be in CGI and that we'll have a Takaki soundtrack with less chords...

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