Metalguy5 wrote:
You can't get be arrested by the FBI. For starters, what would you report? At most you know my IP address and that's fake. Anyway, that stupid cow's insecurity is fucking hilarious.

She's all like "it's ok I'm a strong woman and I'm not scared of him~!!" to her hoards of twitter followers.

Yeah you're not scared. That'd be why you removed almost all your FANDOM profile info, begun acting like you live somewhere you don't, and begun avoiding FANDOM entirely. 

How fucking hollow. It's the faux-confidence in front of others I'd expect out of an ugly-looking insecure cow like her. What a fucking riot. I'll be happy if I get news of her death one of these days, so don't even think of telling me "wHAT iF sHE aCTuLly KiLLs hERseLF bECus of U". I'd be happy if I found that out.

You are getting called out by the reddit community. I have save your reply as evidence. He used to edit as Catsbecats.

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