Three-star Kitty
三ツ星にゃんこ Mitsuboshi Nyanko
KKPCALM 3-star kitty profile Toei
SeasonKiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode
Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorGrey/White
Home PlaceIchigozaka
First AppearanceKKPCALM01 (cameo)
KKPCALM05 (debut)
Japanese Voice ActorObata Miina

Three-star Kitty (三ツ星にゃんこ Mitsuboshi Nyanko?) is a minor character from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. He is introduced in episode 5 as a cat who brings good fortune to sweets shops he visits.


A large, grey and white bicolor cat with three white stars on his forehead (hence his nickname).


Although famous in Ichigozaka for supposedly bringing good fortune to sweets shops, he is notoriously picky in who he allows to pet him. Yukari's ability to tame anyone is shown by Three-star Kitty instantly running up to her and lying down on his back to be petted. Ichika's attempts to pet him keep failing comically.


He is seen briefly in episode 1, but is first introduced in episode 5. In episode 8 he is shown to approve of KIRAKIRA Patisserie, thereby (supposedly) bringing good fortune on it.

In episode 34, Three-star Kitty is revealed to be the leader of the local cats. After Yukari (transformed into a cat herself) tames two of his underlings, he asks her to represent the cats in their quarrel with the fairies. With help from Kirarin she succeeds in getting the cats and fairies to make up, but transforms back into a human during the battle against Diable. Afterwards Three-star Kitty is seen sulking because he thinks cat Yukari has disappeared like she threatened, but he is cheered up by Kirarin.

Three-star Kitty plays a big role in the battle against Grave in episode 40. As leader of the cats, he leads the local animals to assist the fairies in making sweets (and kirakiraru) to help the Cures to free Ichigozaka from Grave. When they succeed in making the sweets, he and Pekorin personally bring a shortcake to Cure Whip.

In episode 45, Emiru remarks that Three-star Kitty hasn't been around much lately, and one of her friends wonders if he just left without saying anything.


  • Kotozume Yukari - She appears to be the only one that he allows to pet him, even running up to her to be petted as soon as he spots her.



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