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Elder Tiramisu (長老 ティラミス Chōrō Tiramisu?) is the Elder of The Land of Sweets.


Finding Infinity

Before the series, Tiramisu was the one who found Chiffon. It started when he took a bath outside at night and suddenly he saw a shooting star and crashed down in the forest. He ran there until he saw the crater. The Meteor opened and inside was a little baby and the Clover Box. He went to see the King of Sweets and heard of the legend that goes "When the clover child falls from the sky, it is an omen of evil. To lay its hand on the child, the Evil One shall arrive. If the Evil One should obtain the child, he shall destroy the world within three days.". The Child was Infinity and the evil ones were Labyrinth. He took care of the Child with goodness hoping it would not be used for evil and named her Chiffon.

The Beginning of the Pretty Cures

When Tiramisu found out that Labyrinth is almost close to finding Infinity, he had no choice but to bring protection for Chiffon, the Pretty Cures. He went to the Mountain to go to the shrine with Chiffon holding her. He put Chiffon down and went to the Shrine and did the incantation. When he was done, lightning crashed into the Shrine that scared Tiramisu and the Shrine opened the Pickruns and went to the Human World.

Later, he summoned the Prince of the Land of Sweets, Tart and told him his mission is to go with Chiffon and find the Pretty Cures dismaying Tart.

Meeting the Pretty Cures


He is truly wise and venerable, and an overall kindhearted person. However, his biggest flaw is his obsession on beautiful young girls.


  • Tiramisù (with the emphasis) is a Italian dessert, which is made with cocoa and cream, and a bit of coffee.


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