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The Cures after holding hands

Topaz Esperanza (トパーズ・エスペランサ Topāzu Esuperansa?) is the fourth group attack performed by Cure Miracle and Cure Magical from the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! series. It is first used in episode 11 and requires the Magic Wands and Linkle Stone Topaz to be inserted into the Linkle Sticks and they must be in their Topaz Styles.


Cure Miracle and Cure Magical summon their Linkle Sticks and from the Linkle Stone Topaz on Mofurun's bow, appears a gold ball of light crackling with lightning that Mofurun bounces on than jumps to the floor. The gold ball of light bounces on Mofurun's head before splitting into two, where Miracle runs and holds her Linkle Stick out so the light turns her Linkle Stone Dia into the Linkle Stone Topaz and turns the heart on her stick into a golden color. Magical does the same thing and the star on the top of her stick becomes a golden color. The two girls jump into the sky and as they grab each other's free hand, they land on the floor and raise their stick into the air, making lightning bolts appears. Together, Miracle and Magical draw a zig-zagging line that turns into a gold tornado. The two girls tap their sticks together that sends gold magic dust through the middle of the tornado, splitting it into two large Linkle Sticks that stand on either side of the girls. The sticks fall down and trap the Yokubaru in the middle with a pentagram crackling with lightning trapping the Yokubaru within it. The two girls grip each other's hands tighter and shoot the Yokubaru backwards, in which when he hits the ground three times and is purified as the ground cracks and shoots lava into the sky.



Both: リンクルステッキ!
Both: トパーズ!
Both: 金色の希望よ…私たちの手に!!
Both: フルフルリンクル~!
Both: プリキュアトパーズエスペランサ!


Both: Rinkuru Sutekki!
Both: Topāzu!
Both: Konjiki no kibō yo...watashitachi no te ni!
Both: Furufuru Rinkuru~!
Both: Purikyua Topāzu Esuperansa!


Both: Linkle Stick!
Both: Topaz!
Both: With the golden our two hands!
Both: Shaking Linkle~!
Both: Pretty Cure Topaz Esperanza!


  • The word esperanza means "hope" in Spanish.


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