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トッパー Toppā
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Hair ColorLight Pink
Home PlaceStarry Sky Galaxy
First AppearanceSTPC29
Japanese Voice ActorShinpachi Tsuji

Toppa (トッパー?) is a minor character who appears in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. He is the leader of the Starry Sky Galaxy Association and ends his sentences with ~de aru (でアル?).


Toppa has light pink hair with a matching curly moustache and wears blue glasses. He normally wears a large white hat, with a pink trim and a gold badge on the front. His outfit is mainly white with gold and black accents. He has large yellow stars on his pants and black boots.



After hearing about Lolo's findings on the Pretty Cure, Toppa got interested in having the Cures join the association. After discovering that Lala and the others were in fact the Pretty Cure, he followed them to Earth.

In attempt to persuade them to join, he reveals to Hikaru about his position in the association and how his job is to protect the Star Princesses, however he failed to do just that. After witnessing Hikaru and the other's fight against Garuouga, the Star Princesses' resurrection and Fuwa's form change, he decides to stay put in the space station in the Milky Way so he can support the Cures whenever they need him.


  • Prunce: Toppa seems to know him when Prunce had worked for the Star Princesses.


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