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Toyashima Hidekazu (豊島ひでかず Toyashima Hidekazu?) (Nathaniel in the English dub, Glitter Force) is a supporting character who appears in Smile Pretty Cure!. He is a student in Nanairogaoka Middle's School's Class 2-2.



Hidekazu has brown eyes and short hair. He is usually seen wearing the school uniform with a green vest over it. In episode 34, he wears a Peter Pan costume, made by Miyuki, during their school's culture festival fashion show.


Hidekazu is an energetic and lively person and he has a huge passion and love for playing guitar. He can sometimes be rude when he's upset: for example, describing a fashion show as dull and only interesting for girls. But it that case, deep down, he wanted to play in a band for the festival, and really wants to get along and have fun with everyone else.


Nanairogaoka Class 2-2 - Hidekazu has a good relationship with Kenji, Satoshi, and Shinya, as they are all excited about the idea of having a band for the culture festival and played in it together during the fashion show.


Throughout the season, Hidekazu appears as a background character along with the rest of his class. This is how he first appears in episode 1, on Hoshizora Miyuki's first day in class.

Hidekazu first appears in a non-background role in episode 13, when the protagonists are trying to guess who Miyuki has a crush on. An image of him appears when Hino Akane theorizes that Miyuki has a crush on Hidekazu. Kise Yayoi supplements this by saying that Hidekazu is cheerful.

His next role isn't until episode 34, which focuses on him in detail. When the class votes to do a fashion show for their annual culture festival, Hidekazu says that fashion shows are for girls and leaves the classroom. Miyuki and her friends try numerous times to get him to participate, as Miyuki believes that he secretly wants to be in the fashion show. Hidekazu refuses every time, though internally he becomes less and less opposed to the idea. One day, Miyuki happens upon Hidekazu while he's playing his guitar. She discovers that he loves his guitar and wanted his band to play a song for the culture festival. The true reason he dislikes the fashion show is that he can't play on stage. Miyuki gets an idea, and the class decides to combine the fashion show with a band performance, with Hidekazu playing the guitar.



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